WOO LMS: Moyer Jr. Outlasts Field at Winchester; Takes Maiden Outlaws LM Win

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Billy Moyer Jr., seen here earlier in the season, won his first career World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series race Saturday night at Winchester Speedway. (Thomas Hendrickson photo)

Billy Moyer Jr., seen here earlier in the season, won his first World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series race Saturday night at Winchester Speedway. (Thomas Hendrickson photo)

WINCHESTER, Va. – Billy Moyer Jr. climbed out of his car Saturday night elated, standing over a wild crowd that witnessed his first World of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series win at Winchester Speedway.

Moyer’s moment in victory lane was one of overwhelming emotions – from letting out a huge battle cry to spraying the fans with a water bottle.

“This means a lot,” said Moyer, taking group shots with the dozens of children that met him at victory lane. “I’ve never won a national tour deal. I’ve won some Summer Nationals stuff but nothing like this. It’s a hell of a crowd up there, and I really appreciate them all for coming. I appreciate the kids coming down.”

Prior to the program, Moyer had recorded three top five finishes with the series. He is currently leading the rookie of the year campaign, and the win extends his lead over the other two newcomers of the series.

Moyer started in the front row for the 50-lap feature. It took him less than one lap to solidify the top spot.

Within the first five laps, Moyer extended his lead to 1.283 seconds in his No. 21JR Crop Production Services/ Karl Performance Moyer/ Victory car. Behind him, Jason Covert began his strong outing by slipping past defending series champion Shane Clanton for second place. Though Moyer further extended his lead to a 2.519-second split, Covert began to trim away at his lead by roughly two tenths of a second per lap from laps 15-20.

Covert diminished Moyer’s lead by more than one second, but the race’s first caution halted any further advances. Moyer held his ground at the bottom of the track, while similarly strong restarts from Covert, Clanton and Josh Richards grouped the trio into a three-wide power struggle for a podium position.

Though the first caution did not change the order, the following two cautions with 18 laps remaining foreshadowed an impending battle between Covert and Clanton.

While Moyer gained ground – a 1.918-second lead at that point – the former two butted fenders and Covert got the best case-scenario of the short-lived battle.

Covert’s battle with Clanton gave Moyer the opportunity to increase his buffer by more than one second; however, Covert bounced back quickly. With five laps remaining, Covert began to catch up.

At times, Moyer had to use lapped traffic to deter the speedy Covert, who only managed to trim Moyer’s lead down to as little as .432 seconds. In the end, the winning gap was slightly larger, a .689-second margin.

“I was counting down the laps with five to go,” Moyer said. “Dad a long time ago said Covert would run me clean and when I knew it was him, I knew he wouldn’t rough me up. I appreciate him running me clean.”

Covert’s runner-up performance was his second-consecutive one with the series. The night before at Potomac Speedway (Md.), Covert also ran out of real-estate toward the end.

“The team did a good job,” Covert said. “When Billy got the lead and I was able to sneak by [Clanton] and fight him off on the restarts… that was really the race. I took a run at [Moyer] at the end. I went down into turn three and four, steered left and it never turned. We need to be better, but it’s a learning thing. Congratulations to Billy. It’s a big one for him.”

Clanton rounded out the podium in his No. 25 Weldbank Energy/Coopers Meat Packers Capital car. The third place finish was his third consecutive podium finish in the mid-Atlantic stretch.

“We had a pretty good race car,” Clanton said. “It was just a lack of effort on my part. I missed the bottom over there in turns one and two, and in three and four I got into the slime and lost four spots. I just needed to get them back.”

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