WOO: Madsen Completes Sweep Of Cedar Lake Outlaws Weekend

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Kerry Madsen, seen here earlier in the season, completed a sweep of the World of Outlaws weekend at Cedar Lake Speedway on Saturday night. (CSP/Chris Seelman photo)

NEW RICHMOND, Wis. — In a repeat of opening night at Cedar Lake Speedway, Kerry Madsen took the checkers on night two of the FVP Platinum Battery Showdown, beating Brad Sweet and Donny Schatz to the checkered flag again.

“I just enjoy racing with the World of Outlaws so much,” said Madsen. “I mean, you just have to be on point all the way.”

Certainly Sweet and Schatz never let up in their pursuit of Madsen.

“Last night I took a swing but then gave him the room,” said Sweet. “And tonight I thought, ‘Well, I’m going to try a little bit harder.’”

In fact, everything was a little harder for Madsen the second time around.

Jason Johnson started on the pole and maintained his lead for the first 11 laps of the race, while Schatz took Madsen on from third.

Schatz actually passed Madsen seven laps in, only to lose his advantage in the following lap, just as Sweet started pressing on him.

With Sweet and Schatz battling it out for third, Madsen focused his attention on the Priority Aviation No. 41, passing Johnson with 29 laps to go. Five laps later, after Johnson slowed off the bottom of turn two, Sweet charged past Schatz and continued onward past Johnson to resume the battle with Madsen from the night before.

Schatz followed suit, and by lap 20, halfway into the race, the top four positions were set, with David Gravel holding the rear.

Though Madsen had a strong lead, a caution on Jac Haudenschild (who lost a wheel) gave the drivers a final opportunity to steal the lead.

“Brad [Sweet] had a hell of a run, and he put a big move on in one and two,” said Madsen. “Fortunately, in that corner I had enough time to turn back down and try to tuck right in down the backstretch and repay the favor in three and four. Then I was just trying to mix it up and run a different line here or there to keep him guessing.”

“I feel like I didn’t have much tires there at the end. There was a lot of wheel spin going on, but with two to go you’re just foot to the floor, and you’re like, ‘I’m not losing this now.’ So that was a great run.”

“I got up in front of him,” said Sweet, “but he turned down. And then he did what he had to do those last few laps. You know, he kind of played defense. We were trying to search to get the run on him, but his car was good all weekend.”

Schatz had less to say after finishing third.

“When you can’t win you gotta do the best you can,” he said. “That’s why they call it racing, so we’ll learn from our mistakes and move on.”

Gravel and Jason Sides rounded out the top five.

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