MOTORSPORTS: Bondurant High Performance Driving School Going Global

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CHANDLER, AZ — official release — Luxury Review photo — After 46 years at the helm of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, Bob Bondurant could sit back and enjoy the considerable success he’s achieved.

But he’s a racer, and racers don’t stop with a win or a championship. They aim for the next level. For Bondurant, that’s the global market.

Eyes on expansion, Bondurant has added an experienced international strategist to his power team, appointing Phil Neri as senior vice-president. Neri joins the management group of Bob Bondurant (chief executive officer), Pat Bondurant (president) and Darren Law (chief operations officer).

Neri brings a wealth of experience, most recently as vice-president of sales and marketing at Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, an Arizona business that provides products and services to collector car owners, collectors and automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Responsible for the company’s sponsorship, business development, marketing, merchandising and licensing programs, Neri was instrumental in the company’s evolution and growth.

During Neri’s eight-year stint, Barrett-Jackson’s sponsorship and vendor revenues increased 55 percent. The company’s overall revenue, including car sales, reached a record $175 million in fiscal year 2014. Neri attracted 12 new sponsors to Barrett-Jackson and helped develop strategic partnerships with Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Bridgestone Tire, Meguiars, Mother’s, Cessna and Shelby Automobiles. He extended the Barrett-Jackson brand to car insurance, paint, waxes and polishes, restoration products, garage cabinets and battery chargers.

Previously, Neri reorganized and revitalized marketing efforts for companies including the Dial Corporation (revenue growth 10 percent) and Home Fragrance Holdings (corporate revenue increased $10 million in three years). He is ready to do the same for the Bondurant School.

“Phil Neri is the perfect candidate to lead our global growth in several areas, in licensing rights and in particular the demand of Bondurant School franchise inquiries,” Bob Bondurant said. “We have witnessed Phil’s incredible talent at transforming a local brand that had potential into a success for the world stage. We have Bondurant teed up for him to knock this one out of the park!”

“I am honored and humbled to be brought into Bondurant to help Bob and Pat grow the business,” Neri said. “Bondurant is a prestigious organization, world-class, with superior customer service. To be included as part of this recognition is not what I am accustomed to. I’m not used to making the news; I’m more familiar with building the business below the radar screen with a high degree of success. My intention is to do that with the great team at Bondurant.

“I’ve always looked up to Bob and what he’s been able to do with the school. The passion, the professionalism, the enthusiasm and the attitude that the folks have here make the school unique. It’s team-focused; it’s a team environment. I’m ecstatic about being here! The opportunity to work at such an iconic company is exhilarating.”

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