STADIUM: Danny Bohn Wins Race and Modified Track Title on Final Night at Bowman Gray

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – official release — Eric Hylton Photography photo — It was one of the tightest points battles in years at Bowman Gray Stadium, but when the dust settled on Saturday, Danny Bohn was the race winner and the track’s new champion.

For the last 18 years, the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series title has belonged to Tim Brown, Burt Myers, or Junior Miller. Entering Saturday night, there was a tight three-way race between three competitors who were each fighting
for their first championship. Lee Jeffreys came into Saturday with the points lead, with Jason Myers in second and Danny Bohn just one point under Myers in third.

Tim Brown qualified on the pole and powered into the lead during the initial start. Bohn was the second fastest qualifier and used the first four double-file restarts to try and take over the lead.

Jason Myers of Walnut Cove and Lee Jeffreys of Wallburg battled for third place on the initial start, and Jeffreys pushed hard on the outside to eventually slip by Myers. Jeffreys needed only a top-four finish to secure the
championship, but he began to slowly fade back through the field. Myers was just a position or two behind Bohn and ready to pounce if the moment arrived.

On lap 81, Brown and Bohn had to navigate through lapped traffic. Bohn saw an opportunity and darted to the inside of Brown to make the pass for the lead.

“I knew Tim was saving tires, and I knew I had a pretty good car underneath me,” said Bohn. “I just looked way ahead and had a feeling for what was going to happen. He left the bottom open, and I put my car there.”

Brown gave a valiant effort to reclaim the lead during the following double-file restarts, but Bohn held strong. A rain delay paused the racing action with just a few laps left, but Bohn came back and took the checkered flag after the track had been dried.

Jason Myers was bumped out of third by Jonathan Brown of Winston-Salem, and Lee Jeffreys only managed to climb up to sixth – giving Bohn not only the victory in the race but also his first championship.

“I was sitting down there in turn two a couple years ago just hoping to race here,” said Bohn, who was overwhelmed at entering his name on the list of Stadium champions. “To look in that program and see all the names that have won here and have been champions here – I still can’t believe that I’m a champion here at Bowman Gray.”

In the Double D Construction Services Sportsman Series, Zack Clifton of Walkertown held strong to take victory in Saturday’s 40-lapper. Ryan Robertson battled fiercely to climb up to sixth – just enough to take the title. But unfortunately Robertson failed post-race technical inspection and was dropped to the rear of the field. Taylor Branch was declared the 2014 Sportsman champion.

The championship battle for the Q104.1 New Country Street Stock Series was a wild roller-coaster ride. Brian Wall of Winston-Salem needed to finish seven positions ahead of rookie Chase Hunt to earn the Street Stock crown. Wall moved up to third, putting the heat on Chase Hunt to finish in the top 10.

On the initial start, Hunt was involved in some cluttered traffic and banging cars, leaving sheet metal hanging from his machine.

He was black-flagged and forced to pit, sending him to the rear. He fought hard to climb up in position, only to get spun again.

On turn four of the final lap, it seemed like Brian Wall was headed towards the championship. But disaster struck as Wall was spun by John McNeal of Winston-Salem from behind. Several cars careened into the infield, and Chase Hunt managed to thread the needle to fly by them all and finish fifth.

Reggie Doub crossed the finish line first but was later disqualified after not passing post-race inspection. David Creed was declared the winner.

In the Traffic Control Safety Services Stadium Stock Series, A.J. Sanders of Mocksville and Chuck Wall of Lexington raced for the championship. Sanders took the win, while Wall finished right on his bumper in second – just good
enough to earn Wall the title.



  1. Danny Bohn
  2. Tim Brown
  3. Jonathan Brown
  4. Burt Myers
  5. Tony Black
  6. Lee Jeffreys
  7. Spencer Davis
  8. Chris Fleming
  9. Ronnie Clifton
  10. Austin Pack
  11. Jason Myers
  12. Matt Cotner
  13. Randy Butner
  14. Joseph Brown
  15. Robert Jeffreys
  16. Junior Miller
  17. Brody Jones
  18. Danny Propst
  19. William Smith
  20. Mike Bohn
  21. Brent Elliott
  22. Brandon Ward
  23. Tommy Neal
  24. Kevin Orlando

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