USLCI: Teddy Hodgdon Steals LegendStock Victory; Becomes Youngest Winner of Crown Jewel Event at Bethel

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BETHEL, NY – official track release — USLCI photo —

In October of 2013, a young go-kart driver by the name of Teddy Hodgdon showed up for a Legends car test drive at Bethel Motor Speedway.

Hodgdon became a regular in the Young Lions/Semi Pro division at the quarter-mile asphalt oval during the 2014 season, improving each and every week. However, LegendStock eluded him. The rookie did not qualify for the 2014 event, and had to watch from the sidelines.

What a difference a year makes.

Three weeks ago, the 14-year-old driver scored his first Legends win in the Young Lions class at Bethel. Two weeks ago, he backed it up with his second victory. This past Saturday, Hodgdon made history as the youngest driver to win the prestigious LegendStock INEX Legends Asphalt Nationals qualifier, capturing an unexpected win.

For the first 40 laps of the 50-lap event, it looked as though defending Bethel Young Lions/Semi Pro champion Joseph Graf – who currently sits second in INEX National Semi Pro points – was on his way to his first win as he held off the challenges of Joey Padgett.

Padgett had raced at Bowman Gray Stadium (N.C.) on Friday night, and drove through the night to take part in LegendStock. Padgett set fast time in qualifying and started the race from the fifth starting spot.

With ten laps to go, however, Padgett got underneath Graf for the lead and Graf began to fall back in the field on the outside. This allowed Alex McCollum to take over the second spot. The battle for second heated up quickly, as McCollum, Aidan Landauer, and Mike Alcaro all jockeyed for position.

On lap 46, with just four laps remaining in the event, Alcaro made contact with Padgett, sending Padgett around and collecting five other cars in the process. Padgett’s car received the worst damage, but Jim Sylvester was also forced to retire from the event after getting airborne and landing on top of McCollum’s car. Landauer, who was third at the time of the incident, also received considerable damage that ended his night.

In the blink of an eye, Hodgdon – who was eighth prior to the incident – inherited the top spot simply by making his way around the wreck. Once out front, Hodgdon was determined to take home the win. The final four laps of the event were caution-filled, but Hodgdon was flawless on the restarts, and he crossed the line ahead of Devin O’Connell and Raven Schrantz.

In post-race tech, O’Connell was disqualified, moving Schrantz up to second. Graf, who had been penalized for a lineup infraction during a restart in the closing laps, managed to make his way back up, and was credited with third in the final rundown.

Hodgdon was crowned the overall race winner, as well as the Young Lions division winner. Schrantz picked up the Pro division win, and Graf grabbed the Semi Pro division win. Joe Graf, who finished ninth overall, was the highest finishing Masters division driver.

Defending Bandolero champion David French headed into the 2015 season with plans of only running his Bandolero on a part-time basis, as he began to transition to a sprint car. After a virtually flawless start to the season, however, he decided to balance his sprint car racing with Bandolero racing, and he is currently in the points lead, all while getting his start in a Legends car as well.

One of French’s goals heading into this year was to take home one of the unique three-foot guitar trophies that LegendStock has become known for. After numerous years of trying, it was something that French was hungry to capture.

His hunger was satisfied during LegendStock 2015, as he took off from the outside pole and led every lap on his way to the win in the 20-lap Bandolero event. French took off at the drop of the green, forcing pole sitter Eugene Drew to chase him from the second spot. The battle of the race was that for the third position, which changed hands several times. Lars McElravy and Matt Addona swapped the spot back and forth before Teddy Bowen made a daring pass to come from fourth to second with just four laps remaining.

French took the checkered flag over Drew and Bowen. Drew was disqualified in tech after the race, boosting Bowen to second. McElravy was credited with third.

Conner Piasecki took down his third win of the season in the Beginner Bandolero race. Joey Aungst and Katie Verwys took off from the front row, but Aungst and Conner Piasecki were involved in an incident that forced both of them to the pits, causing them to restart in the rear.

As soon as the green flag flew for the restart, Piasecki charged forward and found himself in the lead by the time the first lap was completed. Aungst came right back to the second spot, but was unable to overtake Piasecki. Piasecki claimed the win over Aungst and Katie Verwys.


RESULTS: U.S. Legend Cars International; LegendSTOCK; Bethel Motor Speedway; August 1, 2015

LEGENDSTOCK 2015 A-MAIN FINISH (50 laps): 1. Teddy Hodgdon (YL), 2. Raven Schrantz (P), 3. Joseph Graf (SP), 4. Brad Lowmaster (SP), 5. Dusty Summers (P), 6. Alex McCollum (YL), 7. Eric Hersey (P), 8. Mitchell Dowd (SP), 9. Joe Graf (M), 10. Chris Rogers (P), 11. Dylan Hoffman (SP), 12. Allan Pedersen (SP), 13. Richie Coy (M), 14. Joey Padgett (P), 15. Aidan Landauer (SP), 16. Jim Sylvester (M), 17. Mike Alcaro (P), 18. Eugene Drew (P), 19. Gillian Kirkpatrick (YL), 20. Rob Rafferty (P), 21. Artie Pedersen III (P), 22.Brandon DeBrakeleer (P), 23. Dave Riopelle (M). DQ – Devin O’Connell (SP), Vincent Colletti (SP).

LEGENDSTOCK 2015 B-MAIN FINISH (15 laps): 1. Chris Rogers (P) (Patchogue, NY), 2. Raven Schrantz (P), 3. Brandon DeBrakeleer (P), 4. Mitchell Dowd (SP), 5. Allan Pedersen (SP), 6. Dusty Summers (P), 7. Casey Robicheau (SP), 8. Joey Ternullo (P), 9. Vinny Delaney (P), 10. Timothy DePizzol (SP), 11. Stephen Brewer (SP), 12. Chris Hammett (SP), 13. Steven Woytysiak (M), 14. Steve Hersey (M), 15. Don Diebert (M).

BANDOLERO FEATURE FINISH (15 laps):  1. David French (O) (Rome, PA), 2. Teddy Bowen (B), 3. Lars McElravy (O), 4. Matt Addona (O), 5. Bryan Chirico (B), 6. Jessica Ricci (O), 7. Robby Gordon Douglas (O), 8. Tyler Dachenhausen (O), 9. Sean Verwys (B), 10. Jade McElravy (B), 11. Damon Frutchey (O), 12. Jeff Darrah (O). DQ – Eugene Drew.

BEGINNER BANDOLERO FEATURE FINISH (15 laps): 1. Conner Piasecki (O) (Greenfield Twp., PA), 2. Joey Aungst (B), 3. Katie Verwys (B), 4. Nick Archiere (B).

CREDIT: Bethel Motor Speedway

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