Throwback Thursday: Tom Scully Jr. Holds Off PASS Tour Best For Seekonk Cirelli Foods 150 Win

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SEEKONK, Mass. — Story by Race Chaser Online New England Correspondent Kyle Souza — PASS photos —

Tom Scully Jr. has won a lot of Pro Stock races in his career at Seekonk Speedway. He has scored wins in the season opener, wins at the annual 100 lap D.A.V. Fall Classic and wins in the middle of a tough regular season against some stern competition.

Though all of his wins are impressive and important to him — one win on August 15, 2009, may be one that goes down as his most impressive performance in his Seekonk career to this point.

In this weeks edition of “Throwback Thursday,” let’s take a look back at the night where Scully Jr. bested some of the Pro All Star Series (PASS) best drivers to score one of the top wins of his career.


Three hotly contested heat races took place to start the Saturday night at the Action Track of the East, with Ben Rowe, Kelly Moore and Derek Ramstrom all taking down checkered flags in the 12 lap affairs.

The 150 lap feature event began with Moore and Joey Pole on the front row, ahead of 26 of their closest Pro Stock friends. Moore took his No. 47 to the point for the first six laps, before contact between Pole and Moore sent both spinning in turn three. Unfortunately for Tom Scully Sr., his No. 3 Subway machine had no where to go and made heavy contact with Pole, ending both of their nights early.

The restart saw David Hutchins Sr. take the point from the inside, while D.J. Shaw began to make his presence known, cutting from the top to the bottom into second spot. Before long, the second caution of the Cirelli Foods 150 flew, when Richie Dearborn came to a halt in turn two, drawing what officials deemed was an intentional caution.

Hutchins took the lead back on the restart, but it wasn’t long before he had some heavy challengers on his tail. Shaw worked over the back bumper for countless laps, while Rowe worked the outside of Seekonk standout Ray Parent for third. Mike Thomas spun in turn one drawing the third caution of the race on lap 21, allowing what was a single file top five to get back doubled up and go back at it.

Shaw once again found second on the bottom on the restart, opening up the outside lane for Tiverton, Rhode Island native Parent. He attempted to move forward, sliding by Rowe, but quickly the fourth caution came from the flagstand after a spin in turn four by Craig Weinstein on lap 28. Hutchins put his Hutchins and Sons machine back out front at the green, while the outside lane started to gain some ground.

Rowe slid by Parent for third on lap 32, bringing Ramstrom up to the high groove for fourth spot. Rowe charged up by Shaw for second on lap 35, knocking right on the back door of Hutchins. As the field got single file on lap 40, Hutchins set the pace, but it wouldn’t be long before Rowe made his move.


Derek Ramstrom leads a group of PASS drivers during heat racing action.
(Photo via Pro All Star Series)

Scott Alexander spun in turn four on lap 40 but luckily was quickly able to get the car straight without drawing a caution. At the third of the way mark, Hutchins lead Rowe, Shaw, Parent and Tom Scully Jr., just as the fifth caution of the night flew. Thomas looped his No. 25 for the second time, this time on the backstretch, doubling the field back up once again at lap 50 for the green.

Rowe pounced on his chance, using the outside lane to edge Hutchins out on lap 51 — then powering into turn three and off turn four into the lead. He brought Parent with him on the outside, who was able to grab second from Hutchins before long. While Rowe set the pace, Nick Ribbie and Weinstein got together in turn three, both spinning into the infield and drawing the sixth yellow flag of the event.

Parent took the outside of race leader Rowe into turn one, but a lapped car forced him to lift, settling him into second spot. Rowe drove away with the lead while Parent got around the lapped car, but before he could get to far away — the seventh caution of the race was thrown for Donnie Whitten, who came to a halt in turn one.

The ensuing restart saw Rowe and Parent drag race, while Johnny Clark and Tom Scully Jr. put their names in the front, third and fourth. Parent used the top groove to take the lead on lap 67, bringing fellow Seekonk regular Scully Jr. with him to second spot. Clark followed suit on the outside, grabbing third from Rowe — then going after Scully Jr.

Ryan Vanasse spun on lap 74, just a lap before halfway, drawing another caution flag and allowing Scully Jr. to have a lane on the outside of Parent. He took the advantage at lap 75, cutting down in front of Parent and setting sail away from the field — so he thought. Another quick caution flew on lap  when multiple cars got collected in turn three. Chris Ross, John Dabrowski, Ribbie and multiple others hit the bottom of turn three at a slow pace.

Parent was forced to the pit area for fuel under the caution — allowing Scully Jr. to take the advantage over Rowe on the restart and set sail for almost 20 laps before the caution came down once again for Cassius Clark with 53 laps to go. That caution was the final of the night for the PASS gang. Scully Jr. had to fight through some heavy lapped traffic in the final laps, and hold off a late race charge from Rowe, but nothing was going to stop the Cranston, Rhode Island native.

“I’d like to thank Seekonk for having PASS here,” Scully Jr. said in victory lane. “Brian (crew chief) made a perfect call. The car was a little tight at the beginning of the race, but it gave me a great car there with about 50 laps to go.”

Rowe crossed the stripe second, but gave it everything he had in the final laps, sliding the car sideways through every corner and putting it all on the line.

“Hats of to Tom Scully Jr., the two of three practices we got today just weren’t enough. We gotta all thank all of the fans for coming out tonight. I had come down here and run a few American Canadian Tour cars in the past but these PASS cars are a blast to drive around here,” Rowe said.

Clark came home third at the checkered flag after what was a long day for the driver of the No. 54 Pro Stock. “Usually the car will cme in a little better towards the end, but we got really tight. From where we unloaded, that was pretty good. I wanna thank Seekonk for letting us come here and letting us play in their playground,” Clark said.

In 2016, Seekonk Speedway will host a U.S. National Pro Stock Championship race on Tuesday July 16. See some of the best stars of the PASS Tour and Seekonk battle it out once again under the lights at the Cement Palace.


RESULTS; CIRELLI FOODS 150; Seekonk Speedway; August 16, 2009:

  1. Tom Scully Jr.
  2. Ben Rowe
  3. Johnny Clark
  4. Derek Ramstrom
  5. David Darling
  6. Fred Astle
  7. Adam Bates
  8. Rick Martin
  9. David Hutchins Sr.
  10. Kelly Moore
  11. D.J. Shaw
  12. Ray Parent
  13. Scott Alexander
  14. Richie Dearborn
  15. Nick Ribbie
  16. Steve O’Brien
  17. Steven Legendre
  18. Steve Desmarais
  19. Ryan Vanasse
  20. John Dabrowski
  21. Mike Thomas
  22. Cassius Clark
  23. Chris Ross
  24. Donnie Whitten
  25. Craig Weinstein
  26. Joey Pole
  27. Tom Scully Sr.
  28. Travis Benjamin

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