By The Numbers: Scully Jr., Belsito and Casper Working Through Traffic Best in Seekonk Pro Stocks

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SEEKONK, Mass. — Story by Race Chaser Online New England Correspondent Kyle Souza — Seekonk Speedway photo —

The tale of the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Pro Stock division at Seekonk Speedway this season has been multiple different winners.

Tom Scully Jr. and Ryan Lineham have broken into victory lane twice this season, but multiple other drivers have also held the big trophy at features end.

In this week’s edition of “By the Numbers,” we take a look at both the current Pro Stock points standings, as well as who has passed the most cars from their starting spot in the feature races this season so far coming up on the halfway point of the year.

Updated Point Standings as of July 13:

  1. Tom Scully Jr.
  2. Rick Martin -18
  3. Ryan Lineham-27
  4. Angelo Belsito -36
  5. Dick Houlihan -42
  6. Ryan Vanasse -52
  7. Kyle Casper -61
  8. Freddy Astle -90
  9. David Darling -97
  10. Kenny Spencer -100

With two feature victories and multiple top five finishes, Tom Scully Jr. finds himself with only a slim advantage over Rick Martin. Last weekend, Scully Jr. was involved in a late race incident in turn three that dropped him out of his top five running spot. He was able to climb his way back to 12th by feature’s end, but Martin finished inside the top five.

With the struggles that Belsito had on double points night back on June 20, he is still in a very strong position. He could be in position to pounce before very long. Does he return to victory lane this weekend?

Kyle Casper sits seventh in the standings after finishing outside the top ten twice — once due to a part failure, another time due to a crash on the second lap of the feature, but he too is looking to rally back during the season’s second half.

With the season just about halfway through, let us take a look at some other statistics that will tell the tale.

Plus/Minus; Positions Gained From Starting To Finishing Position as of July 13:

  1. Tom Scully Jr. — (+)43
  2. Angelo Belsito — (+)31
  3. Kyle Casper — (+)23
  4. Ryan Lineham — (+)15
  5. Rick Martin — (+)10
  6. Ryan Vanasse — (+)9
  7. Robert Hussey — (+)7
  8. Mike Mitchell — (+)5
  9. Dick Houlihan — (-)2
  10. Mike Brightman — (-)6
  11. Kenny Spencer — (-)13
  12. David Darling — (-)13
  13. Freddy Astle — (-)17
  14. Jake Vanada — (-)54

The above list of the plus and minus includes only drivers that have competed in every feature event so far in 2015. Even though some drivers, like Nick Lascuola and Craig Weinstein, have solid numbers, they are not included in the list since they missed at least one event.

Top Ten; Laps Led In Feature Races; As of July 13:

  1. Freddy Astle — 64 laps
  2. Kevin Casper — 40 laps
  3. Ryan Lineham — 37 lap
  4. Tom Scully Jr. — 32 laps
  5. David Darling — 32 laps
  6. Kyle Casper — 30 laps
  7. David Hutchins Sr. — 25 laps
  8. Dick Houlihan — 24 laps
  9. Angelo Belsito — 21 laps
  10. Kenny Spencer — 13 laps

All of the above stats seem to show that Tom Scully Jr. definitely belongs at the top of the standings so far. Things could change in the blink of an eye this Saturday evening, however. The Pro Stocks will have round two of the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series with double points up for grabs.

That means double the effort and double the trouble. Stay tuned.

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