NORTHEAST: Seekonk Speedway SYRA Division Preview

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SEEKONK, Mass. — official track release — Seekonk Speedway/Bobby Hayden photo —

In 2001, our track president Francis Venditti introduced the Seekonk Youth Racing Association Division (SYRA) at the Seekonk Speedway.

SYRA allows youth to get behind the wheel on our 1/3-mile oval race track.

This is an entry level division for youths using real 1/2 size scales NASCAR cars.

As an official entry level Divisions for youths, SYRA offers:

· SYRA 600 Division: Driver ages between 10 and 14.

· SYRA 750 Division: Driver ages between 14 and 18 and younger drivers with more experience.

The SYRA 600 class comes into 2015 with lots of rookies going up against a few returning challengers.  Leading the charge coming back is son of the all-time Street Stocks feature wins leader Scott Serydynski Jr. Scott, a one-time feature winner in 2014, finds himself gaining more and more experience and becoming closer to championship form. Could 2015 be his breakout season?

Luke LeBrun grabbed a few victories last season and comes into 2015 chasing one goal — the championship. LeBrun, whose father competes in the Sports Truck division on Saturday nights, has been one of the most consistent youngsters the track has seen in a while. Could a championship favorite be behind the wheel of the No. 27?

Joining the list of drivers with a father in another Saturday night division, Alex Lille follows in the footsteps of father Jerammee chasing success this season. Alex made extreme improvements during the course of the 2014 season and took control at the finish — scoring multiple top five runs and being in contention each and every week.

What about rookies like Ella Sprague? Zachary Martinez? Someone knew will carry the championship in the SYRA 600 this season!

The SYRA 750 class charges forward with what should be one of the most intense seasons in recent memory. Last season, Shelby Donavan became the first female champion in the 70 year history of the Speedway, but she has moved up for 2015, leaving Taylor Bowser as the favorite.

Bowser, a multi-year veteran of the SYRA class, comes into 2015 chasing the championship that just slipped out of her hands late in 2014. She has her father, Hugh Bowser who drove a Sport Truck for years, turning the wrenches under the hood. Count on multiple victories and a championship to be — so it seems.

Leading the list of drivers moving up from the 600 class, Mikey Toner Jr. is carrying the most momentum going into 2015. Toner comes off an impressive win to conclude the season last year and will be a challenger to collect a few more this season. Does the extra power under the hood of the 750 cars help him out some?

What about Eric LeBrun Jr.? Even though his brother stayed down in the 600 class, Eric will surely be a threat this season. He came out of the gate scoring a win as a rookie right away in 2014 and will be chasing so many more this season. His father, (Eric Sr.) will also be turning wrenches for him this year.

Sit back and relax ladies and gents! The youngsters of the SYRA division will surely put on a show!

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