Dave Darling wins Phil’s Propane Triple Crown / 2ND Annual Brad Scott Memorial 75. Dave Hutchins Jr, Crystal Serydynski and John Paiva also winners

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June 22, 2013  Seekonk Speedway PR – Rehoboth’s Dave Darling used a lap 42 caution to catapult his way to the lead in the 75 lap Phil’s Propane Triple Crown / Brad Scott Memorial event. Once out front, the three-time champion never looked back, picking up his third win of the young season.

Ryan Vanasse jumped out from his pole position start and set the early pace, opening up a 4 car cushion over Kyle Casper. It wasn’t long until the lapped traffic started to make things difficult, and when Vanasse moved up to go around the back markers, Casper snuck in underneath and took over the lead. Fred Astle followed him, dropping Vanasse back to third. Ryan was able to move back by Astle into second, but it took some time for him to hunt down Casper.

By the half-way point, Darling had already moved into third, with Astle and Dick Houlihan rounding out the top five. Vanasse was finally able to sneak underneath Casper and wrestle the lead back at lap 41, just in time for the second and final caution to come out for a spin. Darling had just moved past for second before the yellow dropped. On the restart, Darling used the momentum of the outside lane, and moved past Vanasse to pick up the win. Vanasse, Casper, Houlihan and Mike Brightman rounded out the top five.

1) Dave Darling 2) Ryan Vanasse 3) Kyle Casper 4) Dick Houlihan 5) Mike Brightman 6) Kevin Casper 7) Ken Spencer 8) Craig Weinstein 9) Fred Astle Jr 10) Tom Scully Jr 11) Elmer Wing III 12) Kevin Folan 13) Mike Mitchell 14) Bobby Pelland III 15) Dick Benoit 16) Tom Scully Sr 17) Dave Silvia 18) Bob Hussey 19) Paul Reichert 20) Billy Joerres 21) Darryl Stampfl 22) Jake Vanada 23) Sam Parazzo 24) Greg Nanigian

After taking a week off to watch his father wheel his car to a second place finish, Dave Hutchins Jr had to one up his pop, and did just that, picking up his first career Late Model win. Somerset’s Tyler Thompson got the jump, and took off at the top of the leader board in the 30 lap feature. Mark Hudson hung on for second until Hutch got by on the fifth circuit. Through a handful of restarts, Thompson was able to hold onto his position, but on the final caution about lap 20 saw the move that changed the outcome.

Thompson brought the pack down, but this time Hutchins was able to stay with him, as the pair of second generation racers ran wheel to wheel for several laps. Thompson did everything he could to try and slow up Jr’s momentum, but the former S.Y.R.A. Champion was up to the task, and held his line on the outside for over 4 laps, edging ahead on lap 23, and finally closing the deal on lap 25. Once out front, it was clean sailing for Dave.

While he pulled away, Thompson had his hands full with Gerry DeGasparre, who could not find a way by, and had to settle for third. Dylan Estrella and Jeramee Lillie rounded out the top five.

1) Dave Hutchins Jr 2) Tyler Thompson 3) Gerry DeGasparre Jr 4) Dylan Estrella 5) Jeramee Lillie 6) Bill Bernard 7) Bobby Pelland III 8) Mark Hudson 9) Greg Cotter 10) Ryan Lineham 11) Mike Marfeo 12) Joe Kohler 13) Jariah Roderick

Crystal Serydynski of Johnson, RI picked up her first win of the season, moving past Gerard Berthelette with six laps remaining in the 25 lap Street Stock feature. Berthelette jumped out front on the opening lap, and held off Jimmy Belmont at the top of the leader board.

The only caution came out on lap sixteen for a spin, and gave Belmont another chance at the lead. Chris DeMoura, who had been running third, was forced to pit under this caution for the right rear quarter panel rubbing into his tire. Berthelette held on at the top after the restart, but Scott Serydynski moved into second, with Belmont holding Crystal off for a couple more laps.

Scott was trying to work the outside lane, and Crystal moved underneath for second on lap 19. By lap 20, she had moved under, and past Berthelette, and cruised to victory. Berthelette got caught on the outside for the final few laps, which allowed John Hanafin up to second and Scott Serydynski into third. Berthelette held on to fourth, with Belmont fifth.

1) Crystal Serydynski 2) John Hanafin 3) Scott Serydynski 4) Gerard Berthelette 5) Jimmy Belmont 6) Manny Dias 7) Craig Pianka 8) Rey Lovelace 9) Scott Bruneau 10) Ray Negley 11) Charles Beal 12) Paul Lallier 13) Chris Rioux 14) Chris DeMoura 15) Randy Moretti 16) Austin Blais 17) Joe Melberg

Fall River’s John Paiva became the third Sport Truck driver to win his second race of the season. John started fifth, but made quick work on his way to the front in the non-stop 25 lap main. Darryl Church brought the field down from his pole position, and set the pace for the first few laps before Paiva took over. Rick Martin followed Paiva through the pack, and sat himself on the rear bumper of the black and green #21.

As the laps wound down, Martin tried every trick in the book to try to move past, and into the lead, but to no avail. Paiva, Martin, Rob Murphy, Scott Dion and Church rounded out the top five.

1)John Paiva 2) Rick Martin 3) Rob Murphy 4) Scott Dion 5) Darryl Church 6) Nick Uhrig 7) Dave Haywood 8) Branden Dion 9) Anna Gregoire 10) Dane Saritelli 11) Bill Schoeler 12) Mike Duarte 13) Billy Clarke 14) Chase Belcher 15) Jim Hawkins 16) Bob Rainville 17) John Letourneau 18) Lenny Guy 19

PHOTO CREDIT: Seekonk Speedway / Ed St. Germain
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