Broadslidin’ Blog: Giguere Pays It Forward To Guererri; Guererri Wins In Week 3 At CMP

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PENN YAN, NY — Story by Race Chaser Online New York Correspondent Steven Ovens — Racing New York photo —

Sometimes great stories have a way of telling themselves.  I started this blog last week to tell a great story of how the racing community picks each other up when someone falls down.  Although my duties at Black Rock Speedway tied me up and didn’t allow me to finish this blog, what happened over the weekend just adds to what was already a fantastic story of kindness and redemption.

Let us start by going back to Saturday May 2nd, 2015 and opening night at Canandaigua Motorsports Park.  A long winter and wet spring delayed opening night several weeks to the May 2nd program.  Teams debuted a lot of fast, shiny, new equipment to start the new season at the ‘Land of Legends’.  Included in that group was the leader in Sportsman Modified wins at Canandaigua- ‘The G-Man’ Paul Guererri.

Guererri was debuting a brand new 2015 Troyer in hopes of being a title contender for the Troyer Cup rewards program for racers utilizing Troyer chassis dirt modifieds.  Those hopes seemingly would take a big hit on Lap 1 in Turn 1 of Guererri’s qualifying heat race.  Racing in the corner got Guererri’s car sideways, leaving another competitor no place to go.

Guererri’s car was T-Boned with a significant amount of force, compromising the frame and ruining a brand new chassis.  Even though the frame took damage, all safety components did their job in protecting the driver’s compartment.  The driver of the Proctor Enterprises #7 would hop into Ken Baker’s backup car later that night to race the feature and save valuable championship points.

The next week would be one of the busiest that the ‘Back Row Gang’ has probably experienced in quite some time.  A new Troyer was purchased by Monday and the fast assembly thrash was on!  Panels to the graphics man by Wednesday/Thursday and they were finally ready to race Friday night by time the clock struck 11:00PM!  Among several comments on social media offering encouragement was a post that tagged Paul’s team and certainly stood out among the rest:

“Giguere Motorsports will be donating all of our winnings Saturday night to Paul Guererri and Paul Guererri Motorsports. It’s very hard to lose a car anytime during the season much less the first night. It’s the least we can do to help them out.”

Talk about paying it forward.  Giguere, driver of the 67G, lost a chassis himself early in the season in 2014 and sat out three weeks with a concussion.  The time off allowed him to prepare a brand new car that he would later go on to win a race with.  But on Saturday May 9th, Giguere would go on to pick up the win in the Crate Sportsman division and made his donation to the Guererri team a cool $500!  Guererri had a water pump issue and was outside the top ten in finishing order- one of those gremlins that seem to pop up when you’re debuting a new car.

“We just wanted to do something. We have wrecked a car before and know it’s hard,” said Giguere when contacted by Race Chaser Online.

“We enjoy racing with all those guys. The way I have been running it was probably only going be fifty bucks but I’m glad we got the win and could help them out even more.”

That’s where this blog ended last week.  Giguere won the race and made a great donation to a team down on their luck.  But little did we know- this story had one more chapter to be written to really bring things full circle.

Guererri took his second brand new chassis of the season all the way to the win this past Saturday at a track where he holds the record for most wins.

“After this last couple of weeks- we needed this one,” said a relieved Guererri in Canandaigua Motorsports Park’s victory lane.

“Getting all the family and friends together and see them working hard motivates you and makes you want to do well for them.”

A classic story of paying it forward.  When you hear of paying it forward you may not initially think of racing and the race community.  Eric Giguere, Paul Guererri and the racing community at Canandaigua Motorsports Park proved to us why you should.

Pay it forward friends…and keep rocking it on the cushion!

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  1. Paul is not only a great person from a great family. He must race it has been a big part of the Guererri family for years. Note to Paul, race hard Nick and Matt” Gibbz” are after your ass.

    Best to all of our racing family

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