Broadslidin’ Blog: Dirt Modified Legend Lets Rough Side Drag In Recent Interview

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SYRACUSE, NY — Blog by Race Chaser Online New York Correspondent Steven Ovens — Photos By Cool Edge Photography — ‘Barefoot Bob’ and ‘The Master of Going Faster’ are old nicknames for Dirt Modified Hall of Famer Bob McCreadie, who made his mark on Northeast Dirt Modified racing in a big way.  Although Bob McCreadie might not be a name known across America in the dirt world, certainly his son Tim McCreadie will illuminate a few more light bulbs.

Bob McCreadie won 307 DIRT Modified sanctioned races which puts him 4th on the list of all-time winners behind Brett Hearn, Alan Johnson and Alan’s brother Danny Johnson.  The Watertown, NY driver was dominant in the 90’s at tracks like Canandaigua Motorsports Park, Cayuga County Fair Speedway (now Weedsport Speedway) among many others.  He could always be spotted in his familiar Kinney Drugs, F.X. Caprara Car Companies, Syracuse Frame #9 Dirt Modified.

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You can always spot an old school Dirt Modified fan if you’re able to spot a bright orange Kinney Drugs racing hat.  They were a staple of McCreadie’s team and you weren’t somebody at the races unless you had an orange Kinney hat.  In fact, I’m sure my father and brother still have one or two kicking around their houses.

But those times in which McCreadie thrived have changed quite dramatically over the years.  In a recent audio interview, the ‘Master of Going Faster’ gave a no holds barred interview and didn’t hold back on where he feels the state of Dirt Modified racing is at.

“To me it’s a shame where it is,” said McCreadie.  “Purses are terrible, there’s no promoters.  I haven’t seen a promoter in 10 years but I see a lot of track owners.  Glenn Donnelly was a promoter everybody else is a track owner.”

The racing legend talking about DIRT Motorsports Hall of Fame promoter and founder of DIRT Motorsports, Glenn Donnelly.  Donnelly sold DIRT Motorsports in 2004 before retiring.  He was also inducted into the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame for his career accomplishments as owner and promoter of DIRT Motorsports.  But what did Donnelly do different?  That is something McCreadie couldn’t exactly pinpoint.

“All I know is he made it possible for me to race for a living for 30 years.  Today you can’t even think about it.  It’s not feasible.  I don’t give a (expletive) if you win 40 races a year, you still couldn’t afford these cars.  There’s no purse structure, there’s no money, there’s no point fund- it’s terrible.”

What isn’t terrible are Bob’s son Tim McCreadie’s accomplishments in dirt racing both in a Dirt Modified and as a Dirt Late Model driver.  But accomplishments on the track are not what Bob sees as being important.

“He does his own thing now, he’s smart enough.  He’s surpassed everything I’ve ever done.  I don’t give a (expletive) about this racing, but I’m proud of him as a human being.  He’s a good person, he’s honest.  I’m proud of his human attributes.”

The father McCreadie admits that he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of his kids getting involved in racing.  Tim followed in his footsteps and now son Jordan also follows in the path that his father carved out over a 30 year career behind the wheel.  In fact, both McCreadie sons were in action over the weekend at the Fulton Speedway for the Outlaw 200.

“I wish they hadn’t (gotten into racing).  I wish Jordan wasn’t in it, but he is and that’s that.”

This week brings NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week and brings up a race that the patriarch McCreadie has never been fond of.  Syracuse was a track that the nearby Watertown, NY resident would have just rather avoided.  He did win the 200 in his career, but the races after that 200 win in 1986 were dismal at best.  Bob only had 2 poles, 1 win and 2 Top-3 finishes in his career at “The Moody Mile.

“I never really cared for the place.  I went there because my guys wanted to be there, so we went.  If it was up to me I wouldn’t even be there.”

What else ruffles Barefoot Bob’s feathers?  Winners that don’t act like champions.  It appears that the new guard in Dirt Modified racing has, at times, struck a nerve the wrong way with the former champion.  Bob was quite candid in his comments regarding the ‘new guard’.

“I’ve seen a lot of guys win races that certainly aren’t champions.  Just because you win races, that doesn’t mean (expletive) to me.  To be a champion and be a real good human being, that’s what counts.”

What McCreadie will never forget is the good times that were had, the races and championships won and all of the great fans and friends that supported him over his storied career.  The Dirt Modified legend ended his recent interview with a rather profound statement about what racing really meant to Bob McCreadie.

“If it weren’t for racing I would have been dead or in jail, that’s for sure.”

Stay tuned to and our podcast affiliates at Turn 5 Live to keep up to speed as they provide ‘blowout the budget coverage’ all week long from ‘The Moody Mile.’

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