Brewerton Speedway: Modified Gold To Vinnie Vitale And Matt Sheppard

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BREWERTON, NY – Track PR By Dave Medler – Vinnie Vitale made the decision to call the Brewerton Speedway his Friday night home in 2014 pay off. Vitale led every lap in the May 9th 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified holdover feature. The win was anything but easy as some of the track’s heavy hitters took their shots at Vitale through the entire distance as he fought off all comers for the big win.

In the nightcap 35-Lap Modified feature, Larry Wight and Matt Sheppard put on a classic battle at the end of the race that fans won’t soon forget. It involved two and three wide racing and traffic at the back of the field saw Sheppard lead only the last lap and-a-half in the narrow win.

Other winners on Tracey Road Equipment night were Chris Fleming – Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modifieds, Joe Isabell (Open) and Clayton Brewer III – Pro Race Cars Mod Lites, Chuck Powelczyk – Hiltons Automotive Four Cylinders and Steve Arbuthnot – Midstate Vintage Stock Car Club.

In the May 9th holdover 35-Lap Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modified feature, Vinnie Vitale would open a few car length lead over Tim Sears Jr., Billy Decker, Pat Ward and Jimmy Phelps before a yellow that involved Roy Bresnahan and Joe August Jr. in turn three on lap six. On the restart, Decker and Phelps moved into second and third as they set their sights on Vitale

On lap ten, Vitale and Phelps showed at the front of the field with Ward, Decker and Pat O’Brien right there just a couple cars behind the top-two.

At the halfway point, Vitale, Phelps and Ward were in a three car race for the lead as they started to catch the back of the field. The caution would come out on lap twenty and twenty-three to erase lapped traffic being part of the race at the front.

Over the remainder of the race Pat Ward and Billy Decker would have their shots at Vitale but to no avail. Vitale never changed his lane most of the race and was first under the checkers. Billy Decker, Jimmy Phelps, Pat Ward and Matt Sheppard finished second through fifth. Larry Wight, Rob Bellinger, Matt Billings, Ryan Phelps and Chris Hile completed the top-ten.

“Since it rained out (May 9) that’s all I’ve been thinking about and what’s going to happen playing it in my head figuring out what Billy (Decker) was going to do and all that,” said Vinnie Vitale after parking his Rochester Optical/No.56V in victory lane.

“We’ve been having problems with the car the last couple weeks. We kind of found a problem so hopefully that definitely worked.”

Vitale related that the key to his win was knowing the topside wasn’t all that great and he wasn’t leaving the bottom. The only way they were going to get by him was to his outside.

Chuck Bower jumped out to the early lead in the second 35-Lap Modified feature and opened a 10-car advantage over the first ten laps. On lap eleven Rob Bellinger and Larry Wight moved into second and third and took off after Bower.

On lap twelve, Bellinger running the top, took the lead from Bower then suddenly in turns three and four to be scored in the top-spot on lap thirteen, Bellinger suddenly slowed and stopped on the top of turn four with mechanical problems ending his run.

On the restart Wight blasted into the lead using the top of the speedway as he drove by Bower.

At the halfway point Wight opened a quarter of a straightaway lead while Bower and Chad Phelps fought for second. Jim Witko and Matt Sheppard showed in the top-five on the scoring tower.

With ten laps to go Wight was still running in the top-spot using the top groove. Bower, Phelps and Sheppard ran nose to tail and side by side for second through fourth with Chris Hile in fifth.

On lap twenty-eight Sheppard grabbed the second spot and set his sights on Wight as the laps clicked off towards the checkers. With Wight running the top and Sheppard on the bottom the pair ran side by side while getting through traffic. With a lap and-a-half left, a back-marker slowed Wight’s momentum down just enough to let Sheppard shoot by and go onto the win over Wight. Chuck Bower, Chad Phelps and Chris Hile rounded out the top-five. Billy Decker, Ryan Phelps, Tim Sears Jr., Jimmy Phelps and Jim Witko completed the top-ten.

“I’ll tell you what that was wild,” Matt Sheppard said after parking his FX Caprara Chvy/HBR/Mohawk Northeast/ No.9H/Troyer in victory lane. “I knew we were running em down, I knew we were better. We got in them lapped cars and I knew the laps were running out. I saw the five-laps to go and thought man, were running out of time.”

Sheppard talked about the lapped cars that made the difference. ”I caught one and it kind of hurt me. He (Larry Wight) caught one that was in his lane. I knew we would be alright if we could get by him. Those laps were winding down in a hurry.”

After a tight battle with Kevan Cook, Chris Fleming was able to grab the lead for good on lap-thirteen to win the 20-Lap Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modified feature to remain undefeated at the Brewerton Speedway in 2014. Kevan Cook, Jason Amidon, Dane Keller Jr. and Rob Keller rounded out the top-five.

In the 20-Lap Pro Race Cars Mod Lite Feature Joe Isabell grabbed another feature win. Isabell started 15th and took the lead on lap twelve from Jeff Isabell Jr. and cruised from there to remain undefeated in 2014. Jeff Isabell, Clayton Brewer III, Alan Fink and Lowell Zehr finished second through fifth. Joe Isabell was the open winner and Clayton Brewer III Spec/Stock winner.

Chuck Powelczk picked up his 66th win in the 15-Lap Hilton’s Automotive Four Cylinder feature. Kyle Young, Sam Curcie, Colby Herzog and Jack Taskey chased Powelczyk across the line.

This coming Friday, June 13th Beam Mack presents another great night of family entertainment featuring the Tracey Road Equipment DIRTcar Modifieds, Pro Race Cars Mod Lites, Nationwide Insurance IMCA Modifieds, May 9 Mod Lite holdover feature plus the new NY6A 600 Microsprint Tour.

Adult grandstand admission will be $15 with everyone 18 yrs. and younger FREE. Pit admission will be $27 Participants – $30 Non-Participants. Gates will open at 5:30 with racing at 7:30.

Any questions you might have please contact Cory Reed at . For all the latest news please go to and please like our Facebook page .

(TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT DIRTcar MODIFIED – 5/9 Holdover (35 LAPS) – (56V) VINNIE VITALE, (91) Billy Decker, (99J) Jimmy Phelps, (42p) Pat Ward, (9H) Matt Sheppard, (99L) Larry Wight, (8R) Rob Bellinger, (74) Matt Billings, (99) Ryan Phelps, (5H) Chris Hile, (85) Dan Vauter, (6) Pat O’Brien, (15) Matt Fink, (02) Roy Bresnahan, (3M) Chris Mackey, (X) Chad Phelps, (83x) Tim Sears Jr., (99b) Chuck Bower, (24) Jim Witko Jr. (55) Matt Hulsizer, (07) Tim Kerr, (93) Ryan Bartlett, (88) Joe August Jr., DNS (62s) Tom Sears Jr., (1x) Willy Decker, (7z) Dale Planck.

($100 POWER SEAL HARD CHARGER) – Matt Sheppard.

(TRACEY ROAD EQUIPMENT DIRTcar MODIFIEDS 35 LAPS) – (9H) Matt Sheppard, (99L) Larry Wight, (99b) Chuck Bower, (X) Chad Phelps, (5H) Chris Hile, (91) Billy Decker, (99) Ryan Phelps, (83x) Tim Sears Jr., (99J) Jimmy Phelps, (24) Jim Witko Jr., (3M) Chris Mackey, (42p) Pat Ward, (74) Matt Billings, (85) Dan Vauter, (15) Matt Fink, (6) Pat O’Brien, (R70) Ryan Arbuthnot, (55) Matt Hulsizer, (56v) Vinnie Vitale, (02) Roy Bresnahan, (16) Mike Bowman, (8R) Rob Bellinger, (93) Ryan Bartlett, (07) Tim Kerr, (88) Joe August Jr..

(OMNI SERVICES HEAT WINNERS) – Chuck Bower, Chris Mackey, Billy Decker.

(PRO RACE CARS MOD LITES 20 LAPS) – (6j) JOE ISABELL, (7J) Jeff Isabell Jr., (06) Clayton Brewer III, (2) Alan Fink, (29) Lowell Zehr, (17) Gary Jeffries, (39) Sam Usborne, (23) Rick Demo, (7) Terry Lapham, (08) Cody Fleming, (811) Justin Williams, (55) Joe Garafolo, (91) Zack Babcock, (14x) Mike Larose, (33) Dave Brown, (4) Jeff Blackburn, (8Ball) Kelly Skinner, (17D) Tom Juhl, (11) Nick Graziano, (11x) Brian Meyers, (15s) Steve Miller.

(OPEN) – Joe Isabell (STOCK) – Clayton Brewer III.

(NATIONWIDE INSURANCE IMCA MODIFIEDS 20 LAPS) – (10) CHRIS FLEMING, (3x) Kevan Cook, (88J) Jason Amidon, (22) Dane Keller Jr., (21) Rob Keller, (4w) John West, (7) Carmen Vona, (369) James Walsh Jr., (150) Mike Jones, (29) Rich Keller, (35) Mark Rogers.

(HILTON’S AUTOMOTIVE FOUR CYLINDERS 15 LAPS) – (17) CHUCK POWELCZYK, (531) Kyle Young, (18) Sam Curcie, (3) Colby Herzog, (79) Jack Taskey, (30) Sam Carista, (17DD) Dan Dupra, (16) Joshua Bishop (17s) Stephen Denton, (99) Thomas Mackey, (4) Stephanie Seeley, (8) Ken Pitsley, (47) William Root.


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