AUDIO/RECAP: BRP ISKY Cams Championship To Waters; Series Championship To Wonderling

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WOODHULL, NY — Story, photos and audio By Race Chaser Online New York Correspondent Steven Ovens — The Bicknell Racing Products BRP CanAm Late Model Series started in 2003 under the direction of Gary Montgomery as a series utilizing ‘Super Stocks’ that were a popular division of cars at the Little Valley Speedway in New York.

The car’s makeup was simple- stock stub front ends, cast iron engines under the hood and late model chassis that mirrored those of the World of Outlaws Late Models.

The series has certainly evolved over the years, as have the racers that have driven in any of the previous 144 BRP Series events.  But it appears that the series known locally as the ‘BRP’s’ has descended on their final event — #145 at the Woodhull Raceway for the ISKY Cams Championship.

A new format for ‘The ISKY’ greeted the competitors as they would draw for starting position and be split into 2 Douglas B. Miles Insurance Agency Twin-12 features.  The Top 5 from each Twin-12 would be entered into the redraw to set the feature lineup for the ISKY Cams 50-lap championship A-Main.

Douglas B. Miles Twin 12 #1 Recap:

John Rivers and Buck Payne led the field to the Woodhull Raceway green flag.  Rivers and Payne would fight hard to lead lap #1, but in Turns 3 and 4 Rivers would spin the Payne #39 causing the first yellow of the event.  That wouldn’t be the first yellow to get the first Twin 12 started as on the restart Rivers, Payne and Wally Wade would tangle in Turn 1.

This would put Adam Depuy and Cecil LaBarron on the front row to get the race restarted.  LaBarron and Depuy would put on a great battle for the lead however Jay McConnell would spin in turns 3 and 4 and bring out another yellow.  With 1 lap on the board, the field would restart single file.

LaBarron would take the early advantage but Depuy would grab the lead back on Lap 2 coming off of Turn 2.  BRP CanAm Late Model Series points leader Mikey Wonderling would move into 2nd place on Lap 3 after starting shotgun on the field.

Wonderling would try to run down Depuy late in the race but Depuy was working the bottom side of the speedway to his liking as they worked lap traffic on lap 10.  Depuy would take the win in Twin 12 #1 over Wonderling, LaBarron, Fred Amann and Jay McConnell would round out the Top 5 redraw cars after Jared Hill was penalized for what was reported by the crew as a jumped restart.

Audio Interviews With Twin 12 #1 Finishers:

Twin 12 #1 Winner- Adam Depuy

Twin 12 #1  2nd Place Finisher- Mikey Wonderling

Twin 12 #1 5th Place Finisher- Jay McConnell


Douglas B. Miles Twin 12 #2 Recap:

Mick Seeley and Bruce Miller would lead the field to the green flag.  Bruce Miller would take the early lead but would not hold it for long as Jason McGregor would take over the lead as they clicked off lap 3.  Steve LaBarron quickly moved into the second position while multi-time winner at Woodhull in 2014, John Waters, would move into 3rd.

Lap 9 would see Steve LaBarron take over the lead from McGregor, which would be the race-winning move.  LaBarron got the win over Waters who nipped McGregor at the line.  2014 Woodhull track champion Glen Whritenour came home 4th and Miller would round out the Top 5 redraw cars.


Audio Interviews With Twin 12 #2 Finishers:

Twin 12 #2 Winner- Steve LaBarron

Twin 12 #2 4th Place Finisher- Glenn Whritenour


ISKY Cams Championship Recap

2003 and 2004 BRP CanAm Late Model Series champion Bob Dixon, who was the Series’ first champion, was on hand to be the grand marshall for ‘The ISKY’ which would be the last event in the history of the series.  Dixon stood on the front stretch with Woodhull Raceway Announcer Paul Harkenrider and gave the command to start engines after each driver was introduced to the Woodhull crowd.

Bob Dixon and Gary Montgomery

John Waters and Jason McGregor led the field to the green flag and trouble ensued almost immediately after.  The LaBarron’s Steve and Cecil tangled in Turn 3 and drew the first caution.  On the restart, 1 lap was completed when Mick Seeley spun as a result of an accordion effect in Turns 3 & 4.

Buck Payne would draw the third caution on lap 2 as his 39 machine took a spin pointing to the infield on Lap 2.  After the third caution in 2 laps, the field went to single-file formation for the restart.

Waters took off on the restart and looked to log laps as the race leader.  Glenn Whritenour who started seventh quickly moved up to the third position.  Adam Depuy moved his 99 Schuyler Chassis into fourth by lap 7.  This sparked a great battle for second as Whritenour took second on lap 9 and Depuy was left to battle with McGregor.

Meanwhile Waters continued to stretch his lead out to almost a full straightaway as he approached lap traffic on Lap 15.  Points leader Mikey Wonderling who redrew to start 9th moved into the Top 5 with Miller, Steve LaBarron and ‘Fast Freddie’ Amman in tow.

Lap 19 saw Bill Holmes and Jay McConnell spin together in Turn 4.  That allowed Whritenour to close back up to Waters’ Fox Shocks #11.  Waters would again pull away to take the lead, but his lead again evaporated with a Lap 21 yellow flag for John Rivers and Cecil LaBarron who were facing the wrong way on a one-way street in Turn 1.

Adam Depuy had an excellent Schuyler Chassis #99 underneath him for the ISKY Cams Championship and was battling for 3rd place when the Macedon, NY driver ran into trouble.  A miscue in the apex of Turns 3 and 4 sent the 99 around for a half spin.  Depuy would continue on but fell through the bottom half of the Top 10.  The caution would be brought out a short time later by McGregor who was spun around in Turn 4.  At this yellow, Waters led Whritenour, Miller, Mikey Wonderling and Steve LaBarron.

As the field clicked off Lap 32 with only 18 circuits remaining, Bruce Miller began to flex his muscle as he started to challenge Waters for the lead.  Miller would draw even terms with Waters twice and would have his run negated by yellow flags.  One of the yellows saw points leader Mikey Wonderling go into the pits for service.  Wonderling would return to competition but already had the BRP CanAm Late Model Series Championship locked up just by starting the Twin 12 and feature event.

As Miller and Waters jockeyed for the lead, Jared Hill in the Speedway Performance, Beauty Craft sponsored 57j had made his way into the Top 5.  Hill’s ‘Himrod Hotrod’ appeared to be fast on the long runs but to his demise- there were very few long runs to be had.

The final caution of the night came on Lap 43 with 7 laps to go as ‘Big Mike’ Wonderling found himself spun hard into the Turn 4 infield with his Z1.  Whritenour moved into second place just before the yellow and looked to set his sights on overtaking Waters on the restart for the lead and the win in ‘The ISKY’.

That, however, did not happen as John Water pulled away to win the 2014 ISKY Cams Championship over Bruce Miller who made a move for 2nd late in the going, Whritenour, Hill and ‘Fast Freddie’ Amann the Top 5.

Waters VL BRP LM ISKY Cams Champ


Audio Interviews With the top ISKY Cams Championship Finishers:

ISKY Cams Championship Winner- John Waters

ISKY Cams Championship 3rd Place Finisher- Glenn Whritenour

ISKY Cams Championship 4th Place Finisher- Jared Hill

ISKY Cams Championship 5th Place Finisher- Fred Amann


2014 BRP CanAm Late Model Series Champion- Mikey Wonderling

Mikey Wonderling BRP LM Champion


More Woodhull Raceway BRP CanAm Late Model Series ISKY Cams Championship Audio:

2003 and 2004 BRP Series Champion and ISKY Cams Championship Grand Marshall- Bob Dixon

Mikey and ‘Big Mike’ Wonderling

Bill Holmes

Mick Seeley

John Zimmerman

Rick Loucks

Jason McGregor

John Waters


ISKY Cams Championship (50 Laps): JOHN WATERS, Bruce Miller, Glenn Whritenour, Jared Hill, Fred Amann, Bill Holmes, Buck Payne, Carl Hughes, Mick Seeley, Steve LeBarron, Jon Rivers, John Zimmerman, Steve Watson, Cecil LaBarron, Wally Wade, Mikey Wonderling, Mike Wonderling, Adam Depuy, Jason McGregor, Jay McConnell, Brian Grant, Rick Loucks

Douglas B. Miles Twin-12 #1 Finish: 99 Adam Depuy, 18 Mikey Wonderling, 9 Cecil LaBarron, 1a Fred Amman, 112 Jay McConnell, 85 John Rivers, 57j Jared Hill, 4 Rick Loucks, 14 Brian Grant Jr, 39 Buck Payne, 66 Wally Wade

Douglas B. Miles Twin-12 #2 Finish: 29 Steve LaBarron, 11 John Waters, 67j Jason McGregor, 15 Glen Whritenour, 80 Bruce Miller, 2D Carl Hughes, 65 Bill Holmes, z1 Mike Wonderling, 31 Mick Seeley, 0 John Zimmerman

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