AUDIO/FEATURE: Five in Five; A Q&A With New York Crate Sportsman Driver Brandon Butler

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PAINTED POST, N.Y. — Story and Audio by Race Chaser Online New York Correspondent Steven Ovens — Josh B photo —

Brandon Butler is a Crate Sportsman Modified competitor at Woodhull Raceway in Upstate New York and had a very successful season, picking up multiple wins including a sanctioned Grit Racing Series event.  His smaller team also ventured out to some races at Black Rock Speedway, including a unique pit stop competition held during Onyx Summit Weekend.

Butler was quite modest in evaluating his season, as his team finished second in Crate Sportsman points.  His team fell just seven points shy of a potent track champion in Chris Daugherty.  The white No. 16 also finished in the 17th position in both the Grit American Racer Series and Grit Racing Series Overall Standings.  Not too bad when you consider they did not run the entire Grit schedule.

Butler, hailing from Horseheads, NY, stopped by to chat with Race Chaser Online recently at the season-ending Woodhull Raceway banquet.  Our first Northeast Dirt Five In Five has more…


RCO: You had a couple of wins this season, talk to us about your season.

BB: It was an excellent season for us, that’s for sure.  I don’t think we were back below tenth throughout the whole season for points.


RCO: It’s so tricky to get around that bullring (Woodhull Raceway), is that a driver’s track?

BB: It’s something that I learned along the way.  I’ve definitely practiced and dialed it in this season.  This season we just turned it around, I don’t know what I did but it definitely changed my whole tune on racing.  I do all my setups on my own, I think it was a little bit of everything, I just tuned in myself.


RCO: Looking toward next season, are we looking at a similar schedule?

BB: Yeah, we’re looking to run Woodhull for the full season again.  Hopefully we will improve a little more; we’d also like to try some other things but that all in the finances and sponsors.  We’ll see how that works out.  I wish it was easier than just sitting there looking pretty but it doesn’t work.


RCO: We saw you venture out a little bit at Black Rock for a couple shows and I think it was your team that got involved in the pit stop competition too, how was that?

BB: Yeah, we tried that out.  We were doing pretty good, it just happened that we were up against a better competitor at that point.  We gave it a hell of a shot, we’ll try again it’s fun.


RCO: Talk to us about some of the folks and sponsors that help you out with your racing efforts.

BB: I’ve got my family and friends, they’re always up there helping out on the car.  I’ve definitely have my sponsors to back me up with the financial end of it, helping me put a couple tires on the car throughout the season.  I’ve had Hilliard on the car for two years now, they’ve helped me out since- they were the first sponsors on the car.  Then at the same time, a friend of mine that works at Hilliard with me said ‘Here, here’s a few more tires let’s keep you going’.  We’re making some changes on the car, but we’re looking forward to it for sure.  I also build bodies and bars.  That’s going to be my sponsor next year, is myself.  We’ll have a website soon so people can find us online.


You can listen in to Race Chaser Online’s full interview with Brandon by clicking play on the audio clip below:


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