WOO: World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars Invading Jackson, Knoxville

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CONCORD, NC — official release — The World of Outlaws STP Sprint Cars swings through Minnesota and Iowa this week for races at Jackson (Minn.) Speedway and Knoxville (Iowa) Raceway.

Joey Saldana and Kerry Madsen won last weekend’s events at I-80 Speedway and Lakeside Speedway. Saldana who battled Paul McMahan and Donny Schatz to take the win at I-80 Speedway, notched his fourth win of the season. At Lakeside, it was Madsen, starting from the outside pole who battled pole-sitter Sammy Swindell for much of the night before holding off McMahan to take his third win of the season.

Going into Jackson and Knoxville there are just 50 points separating the top four drivers in the race for the championship. Current points leader Donny Schatz leads second place Daryn Pittman by 6 points.

In addition to leading the points, Schatz comes into Knoxville and Jackson as the immediate past winner of both tracks. Schatz went back-to-back at the tracks last June and scored a second win earlier last season at Knoxville on May 11, 2013 before winning his seventh Knoxville Nationals crown last August.

WATCH AND LISTEN LIVE: Fans can watch live streaming video of the action from Knoxville onwww.DIRTVision.com, or listen to both Knoxville and Jackson as the Voice of the Outlaws, Johnny Gibson, calls the action on the DIRT Radio Network.

LIVE ONLINE UPDATES: Check out the Official World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series website at WoOsprint.com for live, interactive text updates of each race. It also includes driver biographies with statistics and pictures, race-by-race stats, detailed track information and race coverage, series news and team press releases.

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Jackson Speedway is a semi-banked, half-mile dirt oval. The track record of 15.601 seconds was set by Sam Hafertepe Jr. on May 1, 2010. For more information, visit http://www.jacksonspeedway.com.

Previous winners:

2013 – Donny Schatz on June 14

2010 – Steve Kinser on May 1

2006 – Donny Schatz on Sept. 16

2005 – Daryn Pittman on Sept. 23

2004 – Steve Kinser on Sept. 24

1988 – Sammy Swindell on July 6, Steve Kinser on Aug. 20

1987 – Bobby Davis Jr. on July 9


Knoxville Raceway is a semi-banked, half-mile dirt oval. The track record of 14.407 was set by Brooke Tatnell on May 6, 2006. For more information, visit http://www.knoxvilleraceway.com.

Previous winners (not including FVP Knoxville Nationals):

2013 – Donny Schatz on May 11, Donny Schatz on June 15

2012 – Sammy Swindell on April 28, Kerry Madsen on June 9

2011 – Sammy Swindell on June 11

2010 – Brooke Tatnell on June 3, Jac Haudenschild on June 4

2009 – Donny Schatz on May 2, Terry McCarl on June 27

2008 – Donny Schatz on May 3, Shane Stewart on June 6, Donny Schatz on June 7

2007 – Donny Schatz on April 28, Terry McCarl on June 16

2006 – Joey Saldana on June 23, Donny Schatz on Oct. 7

2005 – Kraig Kinser on June 24, Steve Kinser on April 30

2004 – Craig Dollansky on June 26, Mark Kinser on May 1

2003 – Danny Lasoski on April 26, Danny Lasoski on July 5

2002 – Steve Kinser on April 26, Danny Lasoski on June 29

2001 – Danny Lasoski on April 28, Stevie Smith on June 30, Jason Meyers on July 16

2000 – Danny Lasoski on April 29, Stevie Smith on July 1, Steve Kinser on July 19

1999 – Sammy Swindell on May 1, Danny Lasoski on July 3, Danny Lasoski on July 21

1998 – Jac Haudenschild on May 2, Jac Haudenschild on July 4, Jac Haudenschild on July 22

1997 – Mark Kinser on April 26, Jac Haudenschild on July 5, Mark Kinser on July 23

1996 – Mark Kinser on April 27, Mark Kinser on June 22, Mark Kinser on July 24

1995 – Mark Kinser on May 6, Mark Kinser on June 24, Steve Kinser on July 19, Mark Kinser on Sept. 27

1994 – Dave Blaney on April 29, Steve Kinser on June 25, Steve Kinser on July 20, Jac Haudenschild on Sept. 23

1993 – Danny Lasoski on April 30, Mark Kinser on June 27, Stevie Smith on Sept. 24

1992 – Sammy Swindell on April 26, Steve Kinser on June 20, Steve Kinser on July 22, Steve Kinser on Sept. 26

1991 – Steve Kinser on April 27, Doug Wolfgang on June 22, Steve Kinser on July 24

1990 – Doug Wolfgang on April 29, Steve Kinser on June 23, Sammy Swindell on July 25

1989 – Sammy Swindell on April 29, Doug Wolfgang on June 24

1988 – Steve Kinser on April 30, Steve Kinser on June 22

1987 – Steve Kinser on April 25, Steve Kinser on June 22

1986 – Sammy Swindell on April 26, Steve Kinser on June 25, Steve Kinser on July 23

1985 – Sammy Swindell on April 28, Doug Wolfgang on Oct. 6

1984 – Sammy Swindell on July 25

1983 – Sammy Swindell on April 16, Sammy Swindell on July 27, Sammy Swindell on Oct. 16

1982 – Doug Wolfgang on April 17, Danny Smith on July 21

1981 – Steve Kinser on April 18, Doug Wolfgang on May 22, Sammy Swindell on May 23, Sammy Swindell on July 22, Doug Wolfgang on Sept. 12

1980 – Steve Kinser on April 19, Steve Kinser on April 20, Doug Wolfgang on May 31, Tim Green on Sept. 20

1979 – Sammy Swindell on April 21

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