AUDIO/QUALIFYING: Rumble Rolling; Veteran John Ivy Sweeps Winged 600cc Midget Time Trials

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Audio, story and photo by Race Chaser Online Managing Editor Jacob Seelman —

Perennial Rumble in Fort Wayne veteran and race winner John Ivy stormed into the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum and Expo Center and made sure everyone in the winged 600cc outlaw midget class knew exactly who the fast man in town was Saturday afternoon.

With two lap time trials setting heat race lineups for both days (the first lap setting Saturday’s action and the second lap setting Sunday’s action), Ivy stormed to a lap of 7.771 seconds (77.210 mph) on his first time around and a clip of 7.831 seconds (76.619 mph) the second time by the stripe — sweeping time trial honors and casting him as the favorite to score at least one victory over the course of the holiday weekend.

“Having a performance like the one we just did really helps [our confidence], because we’ve had some bad luck the last couple of years,” Ivy said of his top qualifying effort. “Two years ago I was leading and the thing just quit on me, and then last year we had issues bad enough that we couldn’t even run it, so to come out here and set quick time for both days is a pretty cool deal. Yeah, it may hurt you a little bit for the heat race, but it lets you know you’re pretty fast.”

Ivy says that this year’s building conditions will likely make for a much racier track than in years past at the Rumble.

“It’s a little warmer in here than normal, so the track has really taken on some rubber, and I think it might actually make for a second groove on the outside. We’ll have to try and keep up with that, but if we can keep our car rotating well through the center of the corners we’ll be alright.”

Bellevue, Ohio pilot Cap Henry clocked in second-fastest for both days on his two-lap qualifying run, posting times of 7.986 and 8.044 seconds, respectively. His Saturday run was the only other sub-eight second lap turned across the 19-driver field.

Amanda Quinones-Long, Tyler Fitzpatrick and Rod Henning rounded out the top five qualifiers in Saturday’s rundown, while Bill Dunham, Quinones-Long and Henning were the balance of the ‘Fast Five’ on the Sunday timesheets.

Former class winner Ben Quinones struggled with motor issues on his two lap run and could not crack the top 10 in either day’s order, while A.J. Lesiecki was the only driver unable to post a time among the 19 entrants.

Heat races and feature action for the winged and non-winged 600cc midgets, as well as the headlining National Midgets, kicks off at 7:30 p.m.

For more information on the 18th annual Rumble in Fort Wayne, including ticket pricing and the schedule of events, visit


Audio with double winged 600cc outlaw midget fast qualifier John Ivy:


Saturday Qualifying Results (first of two laps): 

  1. #94 – John Ivy, 7.771
  2. #17 – Cap Henry, 7.986
  3. #007 – Amanda Quinones-Long, 8.182
  4. #57 – Tyler Fitzpatrick, 8.405
  5. #29 – Rod Henning, 8.430
  6. #7F – Matt Farnham, 8.462
  7. #11B – Drew Dorsett – 8.474
  8. #27 – Chris Jagger – 8.584
  9. #84 – Bill Dunham, 8.590
  10. #26 – Howard McCormick – 8.597
  11. #7 – Joe Swanson, 8.605
  12. #16 – Peter Hathaway, 8.642
  13. #18 – Marv Hephner, 8.904
  14. #35Z – Mark Zumbrun, 8.924
  15. #20 – Ben Quinones, 9.008
  16. #75 – Mark Yoder, 9.134
  17. #86 – Steve Myers Jr., 9.406
  18. #01 – Zeb Wise, 9.903
  19. #14 – A.J. Lesiecki, NT

Sunday Qualifying (second of two laps):

  1. #94 – John Ivy, 7.831
  2. #17 – Cap Henry, 8.044
  3. #84 – Bill Dunham, 8.361
  4. #007 – Amanda Quinones-Long, 8.362
  5. #29 – Rod Henning, 8.395
  6. #11B – Drew Dorsett, 8.414
  7. #7F – Matt Farnham, 8.438
  8. #57 – Tyler Fitzpatrick, 8.457
  9. #27 – Chris Jagger, 8.487
  10. #16 – Peter Hathaway, 8.539
  11. #26 – Howard McCormick, 8.593
  12. #7 – Joe Swanson, 8.635
  13. #35Z – Mark Zumbrun, 8.746
  14. #18 – Marv Hephner, 8.792
  15. #20 – Ben Quinones, 8.855
  16. #75 – Mark Yoder – 9.019
  17. #86 – Steve Myers Jr., 9.542
  18. #01 – Zeb Wise, NT
  19. #14 – A.J. Lesiecki, NT


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