ARCA MT: Midwest Tour Vice-President and Co-Owner Einhaus Resigns

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LAKE GENEVA, Wisc. – official release — ARCA Midwest Tour Co-Owner and Vice President Steve Einhaus resigned on Wednesday.

“Steve has had his eye on his future for the last year or so and made it clear to me that the time was nearing for him to get out there and begin a new challenge,” said Series President Tim Olson, “Steve has been the driving force behind the tremendous support we receive from the greatest sponsors in the nation and that has helped us get where we are today.”

“We will miss his energy, his leadership, and his organization skills. He just has a knack for sales, he’s aggressive and helped us gain exposure and highly touted sponsors. He was the leader in promoting our marquee event at the Milwaukee Mile and organized and planned our year end banquet, making it a successful event that is like no other banquet in short track racing,” added Olson.

Einhaus began his promotions career at Grundy County Speedway while being mentored by the late Frank Welch. Einhaus brought in high car counts and big names and began to make a name for himself in the world of Super Late Model racing.

Before long those talks became reality and the Midwest Tour was born. In the past seven years the Tour made a name for itself, attracting many of NASCAR’s big names competing against the cars and stars of Midwest short track racing.

“It’s been wearing on me for about a year (ownership). My kids are young, my wife is working long hours, and my seven year old told me I was on the phone too much and that really hit home. It’s been a great run. It’s truly been my heart and soul that I’ve given to everyone for the last seven years and I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Einhaus,

“Tim has been a great partner. We have a great relationship and weathered the ups and downs of the sport together. I told him a while ago my clock was ticking and I wanted to go do something different, concentrate on my family, and put my energy towards a new career.”

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