SOUZA: During the Holiday Season, Be Thankful For Short Track Racing

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Action from the third-mile Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Massachusetts. (Track photo)

Action from the third-mile Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Massachusetts. (Track photo)

SEEKONK, Mass. — The holiday season is a time to be thankful for many things in our lives.

Be thankful for family, friends and good health first and foremost. Without these things, life would be much different, as some of us may have already learned in the past. Each of these things are important to think about during this cold, snowy holiday season (at least, snowy for those of us in New England).

But this winter, I want you all to be thankful for something else that goes on in our lives. Instead of going around and bashing short-track racing, I instead want you to cherish it. Be thankful that short-track racing exists. Be thankful that it happens.

Believe me, although it just ended and you may feel relieved because you need a break, you will miss it before long. You will all wish you were at the track soaking up that hot sun and watching drivers battle for glory.

Too many times in life, people sit around on their computers and frequent social media attacking short-track racing. You may not exactly agree with everything your local home track or your favorite series does, but without it, life would be different.

Even though some of you may not think about it, some race tracks have been closed down. A place that once held plenty of fans and had drivers tearing up the track is now something else. Whether it’s become a shopping mall or it still stands today and is full of weeds growing out of the asphalt, it happens.

Matthew Dillner has done a great job keeping track of some of these tracks on his website, Lost Speedways. They put out a yearly calendar with photos of the tracks. The website reads as follows:

“Lost Speedways is a small grassroots movement created by Matthew Dillner to raise awareness to the epidemic of race track closures worldwide.  Help us spread the word and pay homages to the great tracks and forgotten palaces of speed.  Support your local track before it becomes a Lost Speedway.”

And the final line of that statement is exactly what you all must think about. Although many of the tracks you may go to on a weekly basis don’t exactly have everything together, no one is perfect. Not everything is going to go exactly the way you want; it’s difficult to please everyone at once.

I deal with some of that in my position at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, Mass. Although I have no control in the management department, I do announce weekly for the track’s Friday night racing slate. And everything that comes from my mouth has to go through a filter. As an announcer, it’s my duty to keep the fans informed and get information across quickly. Sometimes, fans don’t love everything I do and everything I say. But it’s part of the job. I do the best I can just like everyone does in their positions.

So before racing goes bad and we lose more race tracks, support the one’s that are around you. Don’t ask your friend to Facebook Live you the race so you don’t have to go. And better yet, if you’re that friend that was asked, say no. Tell your friend to get to the track himself. Sure, the economy isn’t exactly where it needs to be and it’s difficult to get to the track if you are lacking funds. But do the best you can. Get to the track as much as possible.

Support short-track racing. Get out to the track next season. Stop bashing NASCAR, stop bashing your local track. Everyone has problems in life. These places help many of us get through problems, it’s like a second home. There are obviously certain things that are wrong with some tracks, but again, no one and nothing is perfect.

Cherish it. Before it’s gone.

Wishing all a Happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy the time with family and friends. Before long, we will be back at the track.

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