NCATS: Penalties Handed Down Following Canadian Tire Series Finale at Kawartha Speedway

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FRASERVILLE, Ont. — official series release —

Two teams have been assessed penalties following the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series finale at Kawartha Speedway on Sept. 19.

The No. 17 team of driver D.J. Kennington has been assessed a P4 level penalty for infractions discovered during post-race inspection following the championship race on Sept. 19 (Sections 12-1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing; 12-4.4: P4 level infractions detected during post-race inspection; and 20E-10.8.4: Tire Usage Rules).

Driver D. J. Kennington was docked 18 NASCAR Canadian Tire Series championship driver points, while crew chief David Wight has been fined $2,500; suspended from the next NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race; and placed on NASCAR probation for six months. Car owner Doug C. Kennington lost 18 championship car owner points.

In addition, two members of the No. 9 crew (driver: Dwayne Baker) were assessed penalties for a post-race incident.

Crew member Rick Spencer-Walt has been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR for violating Sections 12-1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing; 12-4E: Any member who assaults or threatens to do bodily harm to any Competitor; and 12-4F: Involved in an altercation in another team’s pit area, fighting of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Rule Book.

Crew chief Raymond McCaughey has been placed on NASCAR probation through July 1, 2016 for violating Sections 12-1: Actions detrimental to stock car racing and 9-4: Crew Chief assumes responsibility for the actions of his/her Driver, Car Owner and Team members.

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