IRACING: GSR to Sponsor Danny Hansen in First Two NASCAR iRacing PEAK Antifreeze Series Races

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February 25, 2014 — photo — KANNAPOLIS, N.C. — Garrett Smithley Racing has announced a partnership with NASCAR iRacing Driver’s World Championship (DWC) competitor and longtime friend, Danny Hansen.

2014 will be Hansen’s 2nd season in the top level iRacing oval series, which is sanctioned by NASCAR. Danny has participated in online simulated racing for a number of years.

“I first got into sim racing…well, I don’t remember the year, but let’s just say I was pretty young. I was involved in one of the last “NASCAR Racing 4″ leagues on the series.” Hansen said of his early sim-racing career. “I actually never got into “NASCAR Racing 2003 Season” like most of my competitors came from.”

This setback led Hansen on a difficult journey on the way up the sim-racing ranks.

“I found iRacing in 2010 and I really wasn’t all that good, probably the hardest game I have ever played, but like they say practice makes perfect,” Hansen explained.

Danny worked hard in the coming years, climbing the ladder and surrounding himself with many talented i-Racers, some of the best sim racers out there, to climb his way up the ladder, but he says, the climb wasn’t his doing alone.

“I can’t take all the credit. I was lucky enough to surround myself with great people on the game that helped me succeed and make it into pro. The people that helped me get to where I am at today ended up being good life long friends that I have since met in person.”

It took the talented driver two years to become a pro driver and one additional year to make it as a DWC driver, the highest rank possible in iRacing.

“This [iRacing] has also given me opportunities that I could never imagine would have came from a game.”

Danny and ARCA driver Garrett Smithley are equally excited about this partnership for Hansen’s season.

“Danny is a great guy and a good friend of mine. I’m so happy that he has made it to this level of sim racing,” Garrett noted. “In my opinion, i-Racing is the elite online racing simulator on the market, and I have actually trained on it to learn some of the real world tracks that I race on.”

Smithley is currently pursuing his own “real world” racing career and working to find sponsors and investors to help him through the NASCAR K&N and ARCA series.

“The NASCAR iRacing series is a great way to get Garrett Smithley Racing out there. I hope we can do more with Danny throughout the season and I’m excited to be supporting a good friend of mine!”

Hansen seconded the emotion, adding, “I am very excited to have GSR on board. I have been friends with Garrett since early in my sim racing career and this is a great opportunity for me to help get his name out there. That means a lot to me.”

Hansen wants to improve on last years’ season by running clean races, getting solid finishes, and consistently being there at the end of each race.

“Last year I got crashed about 80% of the races I ran, so I’m really just looking to keep the car clean this year. Although most of the wrecks I was caught up in last year were none of my doing, I still think I have a better understanding how to manage my races a little better in my sophomore season.”

Hansen starts the long season tonight at Daytona International Speedway, where he is hoping to be running up front at the end to contend for a win and start the season strong!

You can follow Danny’s progress on Danny’s personal facebook page, and on the Garrett Smithley Racing Facebook fan page.

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