POWRi: Zach Daum and Joe B. Miller Clean House En Route to Lincoln Speedway Victories

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LINCOLN, Ill. — official series release — POWRi photo —

Zach Daum dominated the POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series feature Friday night at Lincoln Speedway, showing that the two-time POWRi champion has recovered from the vicious Australian wreck that sidelined him for a majority of the season.

Joe B. Miller led all 20 laps of the POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series feature, cruising to his 17th career victory.

Daum throttled the Daum Crop Insurance, Toyota-powered Eagle into the early lead, holding point over Darren Hagen and Garrett Aitken for lap one. As Daum slowly stretched out his lead, Andrew Felker would apply pressure on Aitken for third. With five laps down, Justin Dickerson would bring out the caution as his looped machine sat in the middle of turns one and two.

Coming back to green, Daum would power off on the start as Hagen worked to stay within striking distance. Six laps later, the caution flag waved for Thomas Messeraul as the 5ive-6ix, Inc. Esslinger-powered Triple-X Chassis would slow exiting turn two while running in the fifth position. Lined back up, Daum would power back into the lead as Hagen scrambled to keep up, while Austin Brown, Spencer Bayston, Tyler Thomas and Tucker Klaasmeyer battled for position.

Almost out of the middle of nowhere, Thomas would throw a massive slide job on Brown, making the battle for positions fourth through seventh even tighter. As cars battled to break into the top five, Hagen looked to have found some magic and started to reel in Daum.

It wasn’t until after the duo made it through some lap traffic that Hagen made his move. Entering turn three, Hagen would charge to the bottom and throw a massive slide job for the lead on Daum, only for Daum to repel exiting four and take off with a vengeance.

Stretching out his lead for the remainder of the race, Daum would go unchallenged to the checkered flag. Hagen would bring the Austin Brown, Esslinger-powered BOSS Chassis home in second, while Andrew Felker completed the podium in the Sixty-Six Truck and Foreign Salvage, Stanton SR-11-powered BOSS Chassis. Tucker Klaasmeyer brought home fourth, while Tyler Thomas rounded out the top five.

“We went 90 days there and didn’t race and had a messed up head and a broken collar bone and that took a while to heal,” stated Daum. “That kinda weighs on you as a driver to watch other people go out and win and race. Toyota stood behind us and they never once said anything bad. To finally get a win for them this year, we needed a win.”

“Congratulations to their team,” Hagen said. “What a great guy to race with week in and week out. Without all of the fans and our sponsors, we wouldn’t be here.”

Miller started on the pole of the micro main event, sharing the front row with Zac Taylor. Leading every lap on the way to his third POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series win of 2015, Miller would power off immediately at the drop of the green and never look back.

Even with Nathan Benson’s tenth to second place run, Benson never came close enough to put serious pressure on Miller. Jeremy Camp brought home fourth from 17th and Tucker Klaasmeyer took fifth.

“I was a little skeptical on our tire decision when we first came out,” Miller said. “The track had a lot more moisture on the bottom, but it slicked off and worked out as planned. I wish we could run all the POWRi races, but we got a few some sprint car races, so we will just run when we can.”


RESULTS: POWRi Racing; Lincoln Speedway; August 21, 2015

POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series Feature Results (30 laps): 1. 5D – Zach Daum 2. 17 – Darren Hagen 3. 11A – Andrew Felker 4. 27 – Tucker Klaasmeyer 5. 91T – Tyler Thomas 6. 39 – Spencer Bayston 7. 7 – Austin Brown 8. 5X – Justin Peck 9. 32 – Garrett Aitken 10. 9K – Kyle Schuett 11. 3N – Jake Neuman 12. 22 – Andy Malpocker 13. 55 – Nick Knepper 14. 7X – Gage Walker 15. 16C – Dave Camfield Jr. 16. 10C – Dalton Camfield 17. 7R – Justin Dickerson 18. 7S – Wade Seiler 19. 39C – Payton Pierce 20. 85 – Shane Hollingsworth 21. 56 – Thomas Messeraul 22. 6B – Andy Baugh 23. 86C – Davey Camfield

POWRi Speedway Motors 600cc Outlaw Micro Series Feature Results (20 laps): 1. 51B – Joe B. Miller 2. 2B – Nathan Benson 3. 46 – Zac Taylor 4. 23 – Jeremy Camp 5. 27 – Tucker Klaasmeyer 6. 3 – Ayrton Gennetten 7. 7C – Chris Cochran 8. 21 – Aaron Andruskevitch 9. 77W – Joey Wirth 10. 22S – Slater Helt 11. 42 – Andy Bishop 12. 65E – Chad Elliot 13. 83B – Jeff Beasley 14. 9 – Austin Stewart 15. 72 – Zach Daum 16. 4 – Bailey Goldesberry 17. 7X – Max Pozsgai 18. 18 – Michael Brummitt 19. 3B – Shelby Bosie 20. N2 – Nic Harris 21. 23X – Tony Clifton



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