NSL: Lasoski Rules Knoxville, Wins $5,000 in Knoxville Mid-Season Championship

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa — official series release — Rob Kocak photo —

Danny Lasoski registered win No. 3 of the season at Knoxville Raceway and the 105th of his career at the half-mile oval.

The victory was also his third FVP National Sprint League win of 2015.  The win allowed him to stay on top of the point standings at both Knoxville and with the NSL, and it was worth $5,000 aboard the Big Game Motorsports No. 2.

Justin Henderson shot out to an early lead in the 25-lap 410 feature ahead of Ian Madsen and Lasoski.  Rubber developed early in turn two, and Lasoski shot by Madsen on lap six.  A lap later, Henderson was his victim in the same spot on the track.

Madsen tried to shoot inside Henderson for second in turn three, hit the brakes, and got over the infield berm when the two cars couldn’t fit in one spot.  Madsen’s machine veered backwards across the track and struck the turn three wall, putting an end to his night.

Lasoski led the field back to green flag racing ahead of Henderson, Brooke Tatnell, Bronson Maeschen and Brian Brown.  The top five would not change the rest of the way as a heavy layer of rubber encircled the half-mile on an uncharacteristic track at Knoxville.  The only remaining caution came for Tasker Phillips, who blew his right rear with seven to go.

Lasoski carried out his win ahead of Henderson, Tatnell, Maeschen and Brown.

“We knew he was going to be tough,” said Lasoski of polesitter Henderson.  “My hat’s off to (crew chief) Guy Forbrook.  He had this thing figured out tonight.  We have a good racecar, but when August (Knoxville Nationals) comes the big boys are coming to town and we want to be ready.”

Justin Henderson was dominant in 360 action, registering his second win of the year in that class.  Devin Kline topped the 305 class for the third time this season, and sixth time in his career.


RESULTS: FVP National Sprint League; Knoxville Raceway; Mid-Season Championships; June 27, 2015

FVP A-Main (25 Laps): 1. Danny Lasoski (3); 2. Justin Henderson (1); 3. Brooke Tatnell (4); 4. Bronson Maeschen (5); 5. Brian Brown (8); 6. Terry McCarl (9); 7. Craig Dollansky (10); 8. Dusty Zomer (7); 9. Lynton Jeffrey (13); 10. Davey Heskin (11); 11. Bill Balog (15); 12. Bryan Clauson (6); 13. Austin McCarl (14); 14. Christopher Bell (16); 15. Tim Kaeding (23); 16. Josh Schneiderman (19); 17. Josh Baughman (21); 18. Mark Dobmeier (18); 19. Ryan Bunton (20); 20. Dustin Selvage (22); 21. Dakota Hendrickson (12); 22. Tasker Phillips (24); 23. RJ Johnson (17); 24. Ian Madsen (2).

Lap Leaders: Henderson 1-6, Lasoski 7-25.

KSE Hard-charger: Tim Kaeding (+8)

CREDIT: FVP National Sprint League

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