NSL: Danny Lasoski Banks Fourth National Sprint League Win of 2015 at Huset’s

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BRANDON, S.D. — official series release — Rob Kocak photo —

Danny Lasoski brought home his fourth win of the year with the FVP National Sprint League Friday night at Huset’s Speedway.

The win was worth $5,000 in the series’ first appearance at the three-eighths-mile bullring and was also his third in a row with the NSL.

Drawing a starting spot outside row one on a heavy track, Lasoski led Paige Polyak and Mark Dobmeier early in the 35-lapper. When Polyak got into the backstretch wall on lap six, both Dobmeier and Dusty Zomer drove by. A lap later, Dylan Peterson jumped up the track.  Dobmeier launched into a flip in turn three, unable to avoid the lapped car.  Polyak went to the work area to repair a Jacob’s ladder.  Brian Brown, who restarted ninth, continued with a detached nose wing.

Lasoski led Zomer, Brooke Tatnell, Lynton Jeffrey and Ian Madsen back to green flag racing.  As the leaders entered lapped traffic again, Austin McCarl came to a stop with 11 laps in the books.  Bill Balog, who was slated to start sixth, but had to go to the rear with a flat left rear tire before the race began, and then suffered a flat right front on lap 15.  He would restart at the tail.  By then, Madsen and Bryan Clauson had moved by Jeffrey into fourth and fifth.

While Lasoski and Zomer separated themselves a bit from the field on a fast racetrack, on lap 21, the battle for third heated up with Madsen and Clauson getting by Tatnell. With 11 laps to go, Matt Wasmund crashed hard in turn two, bringing an open red-flag period.

Lasoski took off again over the last 11 laps.  At times it looked like Zomer gained a bit in traffic, but he would settle for second.  Clauson grabbed third from Madsen on lap 32. Tatnell finished fifth.

“That was the place to start was the front row on the outside,” Lasoski said.  “I just went as hard as I could go around the top.  When we run these things wide open, we were lucky to start up front.  We came up on lapped cars and they were running side by side.  There really wasn’t much we could do about it.  If I couldn’t pass them, they couldn’t pass me.”

“Danny is obviously, really good,” said Zomer.  “We needed some lapped traffic to make it interesting.  The track was fast.  From where we started, we’re happy to come out with second.  My hat’s off to Danny’s team and to him.  My team as well.  We’ve been working hard.  We keep plugging away.  When you start back like that, it makes you better in the long run.”


RESULTS: FVP National Sprint League; Huset’s Speedway; July 3, 2015

FVP National Sprint League A Main (35 Laps): 1. 2, Danny Lasoski, Dover, MO [2]; 2. 82, Dusty Zomer, Sioux Falls, SD [8]; 3. 17w, Bryan Clauson, Noblesville, IN [10]; 4. 18, Ian Madsen, St. Mary’s, NSW, Aust. [9]; 5. 55, Brooke Tatnell, Sans Souci, NSW, Aust. [12]; 6. 3, Tim Kaeding, San Jose, CA [15]; 7. 12, Lynton Jeffrey, Prairie City, IA [3]; 8. 21, Brian Brown, Grain Valley, MO [7]; 9. 2L, Logan Forler, Boise, ID [17]; 10. 24, Terry McCarl, Altoona, IA [11]; 11. 14, Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA [24]; 12. 56, Davey Heskin, St. Michael, MN [23]; 13. 17B, Bill Balog, Brookfield, WI [6]; 14. 5H, Dakota Hendrickson, Omaha, NE [13]; 15. 09, Matt Juhl, Sioux Falls, SD [19]; 16. 19, Paige Polyak, Tiffin, OH [1]; 17. 23s, Stu Snyder, Waverly, NE [20]; 18. 5, Dave Glennon, Casselton, ND [16]; 19. 17E, Ryan Bickett, Ramona, SD [14]; 20. 25, Dylan Peterson, Sioux Falls, SD [21]; 21. 101, Chuck McGillivray, Madison, SD [22]; 22. 4w, Matt Wasmund, Jackson, MN [18]; 23. 17A, Austin McCarl, Altoona, IA [5]; 24. 13, Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, ND [4].

Lap Leaders: Danny Lasoski, 1-35

CREDIT: FVP National Sprint League


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