Multi-Tasking: Cory Hedgecock Making A Name as a Driver and Engine Builder

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For 20-year-old Tennessee native Cory Hedgecock, life’s path has been more than just a straight line.  The family engine business started with his grandfather and has catered to a variety of different types of racers from Drag Racing to NASCAR.  His father was a drag racer and Cory started with a Junior Dragster when he was a boy.

Recently, he’s stepped out of the “straight line” and into a round one and swapped the tidiness of the paved track for the undpredictable world of dirt track Late Model racing.  The engine business has expanded into the dirt track world as well, keeping Cory plenty busy all week when he’s not in the car.

RaceChaser Online Editor-In-Chief Tom Baker caught up with Cory earlier in the month and we’ve got the audio to prove it!  Just click on the link to hear the story of a young man who knows where he’s been, where he is now and where he sees his life and career going in the future!


PHOTO CREDIT: Heath Lawson Photos

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