BREAKING NEWS: UARA-STARS Suspends 2014 Season

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January 21, 2014 — Drew Hierwater photo — COPPER HILL, VA — The United Auto Racing Association (UARA) announced moments ago that the 2014 UARA season would be suspended, in an announcement by series president Kerry Bodenhamer.

Bodenhamer’s statement, released to the UARA Facebook page, reads:

“The UARA was developed in 2002 with the plan of having a touring series that you could take your Saturday night late model racer and prepare them for the future. There has been a tremendous amount of talent come through the UARA in 12 years.

There has been some great years and there have been some years not as well as we would like.

2013 was one of the toughest year in racing that I can remember. The rains caused major havoc for all the local racetracks and series as well.

As we all in motor sports knows racing is a sponsor driven business. The UARA has had the honor of having some Great contingency sponsors . We would like to say thanks to all the Sponsors , Teams , Crews and Families that have participated in the UARA during the past 12 years and become UARA family members.

As most of you know Wink and myself have put our heart and soul into the UARA.

This summer I learned that may dad has terminal cancer and four months later found out my mother has cancer. Winks dad had a stroke before Christmas and then took a tumble on January 6 and broke his hip and femur.

With that being said Wink and I are going to suspend the 2014 UARA season in order to tend to family obligations. We will continue to work during that time off from racing to work on UARA sponsorships and reorganization. We will be preparing for a bigger and stronger return of the UARA in 2015.

Because as important as racing is to us, Family is at the top of the list and we are needed to take care of our parents. At this time they need us to care for them like they took care of us when we needed them.

We regret having to make this decision because it affects so many teams, sponsors and officials.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences this may cause teams. You all are very important to us but duty calls.

Teams that have bought a 2014 license will be refunded the total amount.

Wink and I would personally like to thank all the Officials. Teams, Sponsors and Promoters for making the last 12 years a very memorable experience and we look forward to renewing our relationships in the future.”

– Kerry Bodenhamer

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