Minor Rule Changes For Oswego Supermodifieds

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Oswego Speedway has announced a handful of minor rule changes for the supermodified division. (Alex Borland photo)

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Ahead of Oswego’s Speedway’s 68th season opener on Saturday, May 26, track officials have announced a small number of rule changes for the supermodified division.

The only supermodified rule adjustments for this coming season will consist of a shock change as well as a new outline for shovel type tails on the rear section of the race cars.

Supermodifieds must have four shock absorbers, one for each wheel. If adjustable shocks are used, the shock (body and/or canister) can have no more than two adjustments, one for compression and one for rebound. If a three or four-way shock is converted to a two-way it must be done in a manner approved by the shock manufacturer and verified by speedway tech.

No internal bleed adjusters will be allowed on shocks, however any shock absorber manufacturer is permitted. No knee action or rotary shocks will be allowed, and once again, all shock and spring combinations must be approved by tech.

Notably, the 26.5” left rear tire will not be available for Oswego Speedway competitors in 2018 due to construction and compound changes for the International Supermodified Ass’on. There will no longer be a smaller version of the same tire.

The second and final rule adjustment for the supermodifieds will be that of altering the make of shovel type tail sections. Shovel type tails must be single thickness, single plane sheet, and aluminum design. No additional air directing devices may be installed above or below the main tail surface while the center portion of the tail must be attached to the outer side panels in a manner so that the tail section is an integrated unit.

Additionally, the tail and side panels may have a height of 38” which includes all lips or flaps. The main tail may extend to the centerline of the rear axle and the side panels may extend forward only to the back of the roll cage. The continuation of the 38” side panels must not obstruct the driver’s vision. The same 50 ¾” width, which includes any stiffeners or bends, and 40” from the center of the rear axle rear ward rules still apply. Both types of tail design must be attached to the frame or bumper and remain in a fixed, non-adjustable position while on the track.

The expectations of tech remain the same for the 2018 season. The minimum 2 ½” helmet clearance and flat belly pan rules still apply. The belly pans must be parallel to the ground from front to rear with no aero properties. All additional areas discussed in 2017 will remain the same.

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