LMSC: Oakley Indefinitely Suspended from CARS Tour

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Oakley has been indefinitely suspended from all CARS Tour competition by the series. (CARS Tour photo)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — An increase of penalties has been issued to the No. 11 Late Model Stock Car owned and driven by Jeff Oakley following post-race disqualification from the duel races held at Dominion Raceway on March 25th.

Upon engine testing at an independent engine dyno the series has implemented for technical use for the last three seasons, Jeff Oakley’s Chevrolet 604 crate engine, claimed by Oakley to be built by Kowalsky Racing Engines, dynoed at 503 horsepower at 6600 RPM. These results were 73-77 horsepower more than any Chevrolet 604 engines the series has researched over the past two years at the same location. In addition, all research and data provided by industry and factory outlets also indicated transgressions in the results collected from Oakley’s engine test.

After the test driver and car owner Jeff Oakley made the decision to not let CARS Tour officials disassemble the engine to remove the suspected illegal parts. The decision by Oakley to keep his engine and not let CARS Tour officials recover suspected illegal parts, to ensure the parts don’t show up at another Late Model Stock Car event, regardless of the sanctioning body, will result in an indefinite suspension from CARS Tour competition as both an owner and driver.

CARS Tour Series Director Chris Ragle issued the following statement concluding the ongoing event:

“First, it is disappointing to have to go through all this and put so much time, energy, and money into such a thing. Jeff (Oakley) has been professional to work with throughout this situation, but his decision to not let series officials do their job by breaking down the engine is unacceptable. We feel that having an engine with no serial numbers out on the market with almost obvious illegal parts in it is bad for not just the CARS Tour, but for all Late Model Stock Car tracks in general. We attempted to keep the data and wrongdoing confined to the guilty party, but when the decision to take the motor home with him was made it left us no choice than to suspend Jeff indefinitely.”

The CARS Tour returns to action next at Orange County Speedway on Saturday April 22nd in Rougemont, North Carolina. Complete event information on the Orange Blossom 300 pres. by The Grilling Store will be available in the coming days at www.carsracingtour.com.


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  1. Well the old saying goes in racing how much money do you have in your pockets. You want to build a motor build it up if you can handle it but just because some asshole gets beat by a driver so what he got beat and if he continues to bitch about it then tell him to build a motor that can out run that one stop being a pussy about shit and race. Racing started with MoonShiners not some backyard bone head stop the sissy shit and what this guy does or that guy racing is compation not a sport of holding hands and playing ring around the rosey Damn People.

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