USAC: Thorson Set To Start National Midget Title Defense In DuQuoin

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Tanner Thorson begins his quest for a second straight USAC National Midget Series title this Saturday at DuQuoin’s Southern Illinois Center. (Travis Branch photo)

INDIANAPOLIS – In the 61-year history of the United States Auto Club, repeating as a national series champion has proven to be one of the ultimate litmus tests of determining the greats in the sport.

Though not unprecedented in the history of the series, the list of drivers who have repeated as a USAC National Midget Series champion is chock-full of drivers who defined their eras.

This year, Tanner Thorson has an opportunity to take a big step toward joining that list that includes a variety of established hall of famers and future hall of famers, including Shorty Templeman, Jimmy Davies, Mike McGreevy, Mel Kenyon, Sleepy Tripp, Stevie Reeves, Tony Stewart, Jason Leffler, Dave Darland and Jerry Coons Jr.

The most recent back-to-back series champion is the late Bryan Clauson, who accomplished the feat in 2010 and 2011.

Thorson will begin his fifth season with the Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports team this Saturday, March 18 at the second running of the Shamrock Classic, held indoors at the Southern Illinois Center in DuQuoin, Ill.

As the most experienced member of the team, Thorson has seen much of what the series calendar has to offer, which lends an advantage to the Minden, Nevada driver. With a stacked field of competitors returning for a title run this season, the competition will be stiff and the challenge grand to become the 12th driver to accomplish the feat.

“I think the biggest challenge of repeating a USAC championship is the stiff competition,” Thorson explained. “You have so many great cars and teams, it makes everything you do a little more tricky.”

There isn’t an ounce of exaggeration when Thorson explains the tests he will face at each event, with drivers like his teammate Spencer Bayston as well as Brady Bacon, Chad Boat, Darland, Coons, plus the Clauson/Marshall Racing lineup of Tyler Courtney, Shane Golobic and Justin Grant.

“I think the competition this year is awesome and it will be great for the sport,” Thorson said. “All of those guys will be tough this year. Bacon and Boat were always right there. I think those two guys are going to come back even stronger this year.”

With his experience, Thorson is looked to as a leader by teammates Bayston, Ryan Robinson, Holly Shelton and Rookie of the Year contender Tanner Carrick.

However, it’s not simply a process of strapping into the seat and standing on the gas that gets a driver to victory lane. It takes a team effort, and over the past several seasons, no team has consistently run up front more than the Kunz/Curb-Agajanian team.

“The people you are surrounded by are huge in everything you do in racing,” Thorson acknowledged. “Having a good team at the track is huge, but I think having a good team at the shop is more important. We all get along pretty well, yet we all have our own beliefs and think differently on things, but that all comes from being in competition with each other. We are all teammates, but there comes a point when you do what’s best for yourself and that goes for all of us. We all want to win.”

The quest for Thorson begins this Saturday on the indoor bullring in DuQuoin. Thorson has found success under the roof at the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals in recent years, including a fourth-place finish in the Saturday night A-Main in Tulsa, Oklahoma two months ago.

The challenges are aplenty, but Thorson is confident he is up to the task.

“The biggest challenge of indoor racing compared to the rest of them are that usually the tracks are smaller, which makes almost everyone somewhat fast,” Thorson said. “There is absolutely no room for mistakes, and if you do make a mistake, you know the rest of the field is right there.”


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