INDOOR: Gamester Takes Fast Time In Non-Winged 600 Rumble Drills

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Russ Gamester notched fast qualifying honors in the non-winged 600cc micro division during qualifying on Friday at the Rumble in Fort Wayne. (CSP/Chris Seelman photo)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Russ Gamester proved his mastery of the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in the national midgets is no fluke on Friday afternoon, as he set the fastest time in qualifying for the non-winged 600cc micros during Friday’s 19th annual Rumble in Fort Wayne opener.

Gamester stormed to a time of 8.510 seconds ( mph) on his second of two timed laps to set the pole mark, after already having claimed the top spot on the time sheets with his first lap of 8.581.

The Peru, Indiana native is seeking his first-career non-winged 600 victory in Rumble competition this weekend, but does have two prior wins in his No. 46 National Midget, a 1977 Grant King chassis.

Josh Ross qualified second in the non-winged class, posting his best lap of 8.697 seconds ( mph) on his second lap as well.

Chris Miller, Clay Sanders and Brian Busz completed the ‘Fast Five’.

Two-time Rumble class winner Larry Joe Sroufe timed in sixth, just ahead of 2002 National Midget winner mike Fedorcak, who is pulling double duty this weekend as well.

Feature racing for the 19th annual Rumble in Fort Wayne kicks off at 7 p.m. inside the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum.


QUALIFYING RESULTS: 19th annual Rumble in Fort Wayne; Non-Winged 600cc Micros; Dec. 30, 2016

Time Trials (best of two laps):  1. 49-Russ Gamester, 8.510; 2. 34-Josh Ross, 8.697; 3. 15. Chris Miller, 8.775; 4. 21-Clay Sanders, 8.828; 5. 75B-Brian Busz, 8.850; 6. 21-Larry Joe Sroufe, 8.901; 7. 9-Mike Fedorcak, 8.914; 8. 51-Jason Ormsby, 9.000; 9. #24-Jonathan Lesiecki, 9.024; 10. 35-Justin Harper, 9.191; 11. 6-Kim Hughes, 9.317; 12. 88-Steve Myers Jr., 9.379; 13. 26-Jorgan Montel, 9.381; 14. 10R-Ryan Ball, 9.469; 15. 2-Collin Parker, 9.478; 16. 11B-Jordan Burgess, 9.596; 17. 2-Bob Baker, 9.624; 18. 48-Jeremy Howe, 9.653; 19. 69-Blake Lamb, 9.795; 20. 98-Brett Waggoner, 9.873; 21. 18P-Bennett Peterson, 10.029; 22. 69G-Bruce Giller, 10.217; 23. 3E-Cody Anderson, 10.370; 24. 29-Clayton Mullett, 10.394; 25. 3L-Mike Landis, 10.467; 26. 38A-Austin Creamer, 13.390; 27. 36-Adam Schaeff, NT; 28. 89-Kati Waggoner, NT; 29. 31-Phil Bozell, NT.


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