AUDIO/RECAP: Hubert Among Five Millbridge Titlists; Kvapil Wins Finale

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Audio with race winner Carson Kvapil:

Audio with runner-up Dylan Smith:

Audio with third-place and track record holder Max McLaughlin:

Audio with Open champion Tom Hubert:

Audio with points runner-up Ethan Mitchell:

Audio with early leader Hudson O’Neal:


RESULTS: Wild Wednesday Mini Outlaw Series; Speed51 Battle at the Bridge; Millbridge Speedway; Oct. 26, 2016

500cc Open Class A-Feature (20 laps): 1. Carson Kvapil, 2. Dylan Smith, 3. Max McLaughlin, 4. Justin Haley, 5. Buddy Wise, 6. Tanner Carrick, 7. Kyle Craker, 8. Tom Hubert, 9. Branson Dils, 10. Mark Pollardi, 11. Nick O’Dell, 12. Ethan Mitchell, 13. Kyle Beattie, 14. Hudson O’Neal, 15. Tanner Gray, 16. Brandon Knupp, 17. Hunter Richards, 18. David Gravel, 19. Devin Boutot, 20. Adam Welch.

500cc Open Class B-Feature (12 laps, top four transfer): 1. Tanner Carrick, 2. Tanner Gray, 3. Kyle Craker, 4. Mark Pollardi / 5. Dillon Latour, 6. Clark Houston, 7. Karsyn Elledge, 8. Brandon Dean, 9. Joey Stapp, 10. Joe Ryan Osborne (DNS), 11. Jerry Mullis (DNS).

Intermediate Class A-Feature (20 laps): 1. Carson Kvapil (250 winner), 2. Gage Painter, 3. Taylor Gray, 4. Ryan Israel, 5. Ty Gibbs, 6. Alex Bodine, 7. Caden Kvapil (125 winner), 8. Tucker Scanlon, 9. Brent Crews, 10. Stanley Hayes, 11. Abigail Kenney, 12. Cole Hilton, 13. Jordyn Bregoli, 14. Olivia Peeney.

Box Stock A-Feature (20 laps): 1. Trevor Cline, 2. Gavan Boschele, 3. Gray Leadbetter, 4. Tyler Letarte, 5. Caden Kvapil, 6. Wyatt Underwood, 7. Hunter Kohn, 8. Aiden Turner, 9. Joey Robinson, 10. Tiffany Claridge, 11. Jacob Monsour, 12. Eli Bodine, 13. Eli Adams, 14. Caleb Bacon, 15. Tyler Beckham, 16. Nick Huntley.

Beginner Box Stock A-Feature (15 laps): 1. Cassidy Keitt, 2. Tyler Dolack, 3. Nathan Meendering, 4. Kynzer Flynn, 5. Ethan Burdett, 6. Danny Dyszelski, 7. Matthew Francis, 8. Jett Rolewicz, 9. Dallas Griggs, 10. Coen McDaniel, 11. Keilan Adams, 12. Lucas Sandifer.


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