ASCoC: Dale Blaney Nets 130th All Stars Victory at Attica Raceway Park

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ATTICA, Ohio — official series release — Attica Raceway Park photo —

Six-time Arctic Cat All Stars Circuit of Champions titlist Dale Blaney charged from seventh starting spot to score his second victory this season at Attica Raceway Park.

Blaney took the lead on a lap 36 restart en route to a $5,000 Arctic Cat All Star Circuit of Champions victory. It was his third win of the season, 18th career Attica win and his 130th with the All Stars.

The ‘Low Rider’ led the final five laps in the 40-lap event, holding off 12th-starting Byron Reed and four-time All Stars champion Chad Kemenah.

“We were really good from about lap 20 until the end…this is the first time in a long time that I’ve actually been able to say that,” said Blaney. “This is a brand new car that we brought out tonight. This thing was almost flawless right from the start. I just can’t thank all of my guys enough for their hard work. George, Skippy, the entire group; I wouldn’t be up here without them.”

Polesitter Broc Martin jumped out to an early advantage during the main event, controlling the top spot for the first four circuits around the bottom groove of Attica’s surface. Kemenah, who started fourth on the feature grid, made a bid for the top spot with just five laps recorded and succeeded, driving around the outside of Martin to officially lead lap five of 40.

Kemenah navigated the very topside of the speedway during his campaign at the front of the field, surviving two cautions and periods of intense traffic during the first 27 circuits. While Kemenah kept control at the front of the field, the action behind him would increase.

Positions two and three were juggled frequently over the course of the main event, with eventual winner Blaney — who started on the inside of row four — making his first appearance in a podium position by lap 26, even after making contact with James McFadden while racing for position.

The main event’s third caution flag allowed Blaney to make a move for the runner-up spot, eventually driving around Cap Henry during the lap 33 restart. Meanwhile, Kemenah continued to show the way, separating himself from Blaney even after the restart.

Blaney got the break he needed with just five laps remaining. A fourth and final caution appeared during lap 36, setting up a five-lap shootout between Blaney and Kemenah.

Green-flag conditions returned with Kemenah on point and Blaney in tow. Blaney followed Kemenah through turns one and two, setting up a great run down the backstretch and ultimately using a slider in turns three and four to seal the winning.

Reed and Kemenah were followed to the checkers by Cap Henry and Chris Andrews.

“The guys ahead of me were kinda showing me where I needed and wanted to be,” explained Blaney. “On the restarts, I was able to use the outside line to my advantage. I wasn’t exactly sure what Chad (Kemenah) was going to do during that last restart. I got a great run down the backstretch and drove it underneath him and made it stick. Feels really good to be up here. We were good all night. Haven’t had a chance to say that in a while. We’ll try again tomorrow at Wayne County.”

Jason Keckler won the 305 sprint car feature and Doug Drown topped the late model main event.


RESULTS: Arctic Cat All Stars Circuit of Champions; Attica Raceway Park; May 27, 2016

A-Main (40 Laps): 1. 1-Dale Blaney[7] ; 2. 5-Byron Reed[12] ; 3. 10H-Chad Kemenah[4] ; 4. 21-Cap Henry[3] ; 5. 73-Chris Andrews[6] ; 6. 3J-Trey Jacobs[9] ; 7. 70-Danny Holtgraver[13] ; 8. 11K-Kraig Kinser[26] ; 9. 97-Dean Jacobs[20] ; 10. 5T-Travis Philo[10] ; 11. 8M-TJ Michael[25] ; 12. 93-Sheldon Haudenschild[16] ; 13. 24-Rico Abreu[21] ; 14. 81-Lee Jacobs[24] ; 15. 9x-Rob Chaney[17] ; 16. 09x-Carson Macedo[14] ; 17. 40-Caleb Helms[11] ; 18. 7C-Caleb Armstrong[18] ; 19. 87-Aaron Reutzel[23] ; 20. 99-Brady Bacon[2] ; 21. 16-Stuart Brubaker[15] ; 22. 83M-Broc Martin[1] ; 23. 3G-James McFadden[5] ; 24. 49H-Bradley Howard[19] ; 25. 57X-Andrew Palker[8] ; 26. 6M-Jac Haudenschild[22].

CREDIT: All Stars Circuit of Champions

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