SOUTHWEST: Davidson Oil Establishes Partnership with VP Racing Fuels

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – official release — VP Racing Fuels Inc. announced Thursday that Davidson Oil has become the newest partner in VP’s retail branding program.

Based in Amarillo, Texas, Davidson provides wholesale distribution of fuels to retail sites throughout Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma.

“VP’s retail brand program has so much going for it, in particular its low credit card rates and a recognized consumer brand that is highly valued by motor enthusiasts ,” said John Lutz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Davidson Oil. “VP’s program provides flexibility around fuel supply, which together with the low credit card rates will help make station owners more competitive.”

“VP’s striking new image will not only help differentiate our dealer’s retail locations but will have great appeal to the many customers in our area with an interest in racing. VP is quickly evolving itself as a lifestyle brand, building fierce loyalty within the racing communities.” Lutz added. “We anticipate these communities will create the core demand for VP’s race fuels, VP Small Engine Fuel and Madditive performance chemicals, each of which will create new revenue streams for station owners.”

“We’re very pleased to welcome Davidson Oil to Team VP,” said Alan Cerwick, President of VP Racing Fuels. “It’s gratifying to see how they’ve embraced our whole program and as the largest distributor of Wayne Dispensers, Davidson is the perfect partner to help activate the program we have in place with Wayne. We look forward to working with Chan Davidson, John Lutz and the rest of their team to grow the VP retail brand in the Southwest.”

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