TRANS-AM: Hoosier Racing Tire Returns as Official Tire of Trans Am Championship in 2016

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MIAMI, Fla. – official series release —

The Trans-Am Race Company has announced Hoosier Racing Tire will return as the official tire of the Trans-Am Series for the 2016 season.

Hoosier Racing Tire, based in Lakeville, Ind., will serve as the designated spec tire manufacturer for all Trans-Am classes throughout the duration of the season including TA, TA2, and TA3 along with the recently introduced TA4 and TA5 classes.

“Hoosier Racing Tire has produced some incredible products for the Series and our competitors,” said John Clagett, president of The Trans-Am Race Company. “From custom built tires for the TA class, the bias ply in TA2, the DOT in TA3 and TA4 and the racing slicks for TA5, we’re confident in Hoosier’s ability to produce tires that not only withstand the grueling environment that is a Trans-Am race but excel. Having Hoosier as a partner has helped Trans-Am grow to its current levels, and we’re looking forward to continuing that partnership into 2016.”

“We are extremely pleased to extend our agreement with the Trans-Am Series,” stated Bruce Foss, Hoosier Tire Circuit Racing business unit manager. “The relationship as Trans-Am’s official tire partner continues to flourish alongside the amazing growth of this great series. As the sole tire manufacturer, Hoosier is very proud to supply the variety of tire specifications required for all five classes.”

Hoosier’s diversified products will be displayed throughout the multiclass format of the modern day Trans-Am Series, including the bias ply tire that featured in TA2’s assent to one of the most popular classes in all of road racing—where Trans-Am and Hoosier’s partnership began.

The relationship between The Trans-Am Race Company and Hoosier Racing Tire dates back to 2013 when the manufacturer provided tires for the TA2 class exclusively. Hoosier’s high level of performance in 2013 and 2014 saw them become the Official Tire of the Trans-Am Series for the 2015 season. Hoosier continues their efforts in 2015, developing new road course, speedway, and molded rain tires for the TA class—further solidifying the relationship between the two entities.

“With Hoosier we know that each tire, no matter how different they are, is going to be of the quality you expect from their name,” said Clagett. “Hoosier doesn’t just make tires; they making racing tires. It’s all they do, day in and day out, and with that comes expertise and knowledge that we at Trans-Am find invaluable. The consistency of their product over the past three years has been nothing short of first class, and we expect that trend to continue into 2016. ”

CREDIT: Trans Am Communications

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