OUTLAWS: GelTech and Rose team up for WoO Slate in 2014

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February 12, 2014 — team release — David E. Heithaus photo — JUPITER, Fla. ­- GelTech Solutions Inc. has announced that it will partner with Bill Rose Racing for the 2014 World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series season, promoting the Soil2O Dust Control brand.

Soil2O Dust Control is an environmentally friendly solution that is the most cost effective and water efficient dust control product available on the market today.

Bill Rose has won in every type of sprint and midget race car that he has ever drove. The Plainfield, Ind., resident has presided over his own team now for more than a decade. Rose for the last three racing seasons has competed with the top traveling winged sprint car series in the U.S., the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series.

Last season Rose suffered an injury at the opening races in Florida, which sidelined him for a quarter of the season. When Rose returned he was able to climb to a very respectable 15th place in the points standings. Rose and his team are looking forward to being a top 10 contender during the 2014 season.

“We see this as a perfect way to introduce our product out to the dirt racing community,” said Matt Struzziero, director of sales and strategic operations of GelTech Solutions. “Soil2O Dust Control will be in use at Tony Stewart’s Eldora Speedway, and through Bill’s team we will be able to introduce the product to tracks nationwide.”

Soil2O Dust Control is currently being used as a dust control solution on construction sites, mining facilities, dirt roads and trails, farming and agricultural sites and horse arenas. It is an ideal solution to help dirt tracks with their track preparation, and will improve the spectators’ experience while saving tracks money on their water bills.

“We are really excited to represent the Soil2O Dust Control brand from GelTech,” said Bill Rose. “They have a really great product for dirt tracks and we will be working with them to get the word out and introduce their product.”

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