MINI OUTLAW: Tom Hubert Wins at Millbridge

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March 29, 2014 — photo courtesy Millbridge Speedway — SALISBURY, NC — During the 2014 season Millbridge Speedway will draw national attention.

Speed Sport Magazine has begun filming their new show that will air on MavTV this summer, and Millbridge is the first assignment on the list.  The show will feature four different segments about the track, the drivers, the karts, and the affordability.  The first of the show’s four segments was filmed on night number 2 of the summer season, but Wednesday night, March 26th, was night two and the drivers were pressured to show the nation how great the racing was at Millbridge and the talent on hand.

Sure to be on the action reel was Caitlin Benge’s flip in turn one and two during her hot lap session.  Benge’s tire came off the axle, taking her for a wild ride. She would be emerge from her car ok but be out for the rest of the evening.

This week the track promoters decided to try a new format for the open division.  The opens would run a points format for their feature lineup.  Drivers would get points for qualifying, passing points and bonus points for their heat races, and would be lined up by points for the feature.

As the opens stormed the track, fireworks exploded over turn one and two setting the tone for the premiere division.  Max McLaughlin knew he had work to do in order to beat a very fast Tom Hubert.

With a couple of short slide jobs Max just couldn’t get passed Tom for the win.  Hubert would take home two in a row to start the season off.  McLaughlin finished a close second, Karsyn Elledge third, Austin Reed fourth, and Tyler Reddick fifth.

Gavan Boschele started off the features with yet another win ahead of a very fast Kennedy Elledge.  Hunter Kohn finished a strong third, Nic Goss fourth, and Michael Gould fifth.

After a three wide race for the lead last week drivers in the box stock division were determined to put on another great show.  Clark Houston jumped out front of a fast new comer Colby Quick.  With close to five to go Houston got tangled with a lap car that would send him to the back.  Houston fought his way back up to the lead at the checkered flag.  After post race inspection, Colby Quick was crowned the winner ahead of Ethan Mitchell, Ahnna Parkhurst, Brooke Benge, and Richard Gould.

Dylan Smith proved himself a dirt driver by winning his second Sportsman feature in a row.  Ahnna Parkhurst and Ethan Mitchell battled for the Intermediate trophy.  Ahnna would take this weeks feature just ahead of Ethan.

The Mini Outlaw Series will take a week off to recover and be back in action April 9th.

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Millbridge Speedway would like to thank Speed Sport Magazine for giving them the opportunity to grow well beyond their expectations.  Stay tuned to and social media for airing dates and times.


RESULTS: Millbridge Speedway Mini Outlaw Karts; March 26th, 2014

Beginner Box Stock: 1- 5 Gavan Boschele, 2- 38 Kennedy Elledge, 3-48 Hunter Kohn, 4- 3 Nic Goss, 5- 27 Matthew Gould, 6- 12T Tiffany Claridge, 7- 7 Aubry Rose, 8- 19 Tyler Dolack, 9-  12 Eli Bodine DNS

Box Stocks: 1- 5 Colby Quick, 2- 19 Ethan Mitchell, 3- 23 Ahnna Parkhurst, 4- 5 Brooke Benge, 5- 10 Richard Gould, 6- 11 Dawson Cram, 7- 11 Alex Bodine, 8- 6 Clark Houston DQ

Intermediate: 1- 23 Ahnna Parkhurst, 2- 19 Ethan Mitchell

Sportsman: 1- 07 Dylan Smith, 2- 21 Brian Millington

Open: 1- 30 Tom Hubert, 2- z8 Max McLaughlin, 3- 3 Karsyn Elledge, 4- 14 Austin Reed, 5- 21 Tyler Reddick, 6- 7 Jimmy Allen, 7- 71 Adam Welch, 8- 51 Chaz Woodward, 9- 87 Brandon Cavitch, 10- 00 Caitlin Benge DNS

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