SDS: Friesen ‘Freezes’ Super DIRTcar Field at World Finals

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CONCORD, NC — Story by Race Chaser Online New York Correspondent Steven Ovens — Photo by Pete MacDonald

The Super DIRTcar Series took to the track Friday night with Billy Decker taking a 7 point lead over Matt Sheppard and it looked like maybe the Time Trial night would be the turning point for the Unadilla, NY driver.  But then again, they say that’s why they line up and go racing.  Decker would find himself starting in the latter half of the Top 10 while Brett Hearn drew the Pole and Sheppard drawing #3.

Decker struggled to make any progress in the 40-lap A-Main and would eventually come home in the 9th position and lose to the points lead to Sheppard from Waterloo, NY.

The A-Main took Dave Farney’s green flag with Hearn and Phelps on the front row and the battle raged early as drivers did their best to hug the inside line of the speedway.  The inside of the track appeared to be the preferred line for the front runners early on in the event.

Sheppard found his way underneath Heinke-Baldwin Racing teammate Phelps and eventually race leader Hearn by the completion of Lap 3.  The FX Caprara Chevy 9H looked stout out front and was holding off the challenges of Phelps who had worked past Hearn when Sheppard took the lead.  Matt Billings also began moving forward and was having a great run for the Brockville, Ontario Canada driver who made the long trip to Charlotte from North of the Border.

Brett Hearn reclaimed the runner-up position on Lap 9 just before the first caution of the race came out for Gary Tomkins and Tyler Siri who spun out in Turn 4.  Sheppard saw his half-straightaway lead evaporate with the caution coming out.  Another driver who was on the move prior to the yellow was Sprakers, NY driver Stewart Friesen who had started 9th and was using the cushion up top to pass several cars and crack the Top 5.

On the restart Sheppard took off again and Friesen went to work on the other drives within the Top 5.  Friesen was the only driver brave enough to work the top shelf and was using that to his advantage.  When everyone else is on the bottom, you have to go where they are not to make moves.  We have all heard that a time or two at the racetrack but it is rare that a driver can do so and look as strong as Friesen did in his Tom Cullen owned 1wgc Modified.

By lap 17 Hearn had closed the gap on Sheppard and Friesen had positioned himself in 3rd place and factored his way into who would win the Friday night edition of the Bad Boy Buggies World Finals.  As the trio came down to the halfway mark at Lap 20, Friesen made his move.  He overtook 2nd place from Hearn coming off Turn 4 and pulled alongside Sheppard going into Turn 1.

As the two most winningest Dirt Modified drivers in 2014 exited Turn 2 on Lap 20, Friesen drove by Sheppard to take the lead.  Friesen would take the lead and never look back.  Duane Howard in the Atlas Paving #66 was looking stout at Charlotte on Friday night, moving his way up to the 4th position with 17 laps to go and putting the heat on Hearn.  Howard is coming off his 2nd Top 5 in as many years in the Syracuse 200 on the Moody Mile and had a very fast Teo Pro car underneath him.

As the race wore on, Friesen had cruised away from the field using the cushion to perfection.  Sheppard tried to make the outside work for his HBR Troyer but surrendered 2nd place to Hearn in that unsuccessful attempt.  Friesen would go on to collect a victory at the Bad Boy Buggies World Finals for the 2nd year in a row.  Hearn would have to settle for 2nd while Sheppard, Howard and young star Tyler Dippel rounded out the Top 5.

“It is such a huge event to be a part of and to go out there and qualify good for the feature is one thing, but to win the damn thing is an unbelievable feeling,” Friesen said in Bad Boy Buggies Victory Lane.

“There are race fans from all over the county here, numerous other countries too. It is pretty cool. I’m just fortunate that Northeast Modifieds are part of the show and I can come down here and put on a show for the fans.”

For Brett Hearn, it was just a little too late for the Sussex, NJ driver to try and make a run at the lead as he saw Friesen cruise around the outside.

“I thought we had the 9H (Sheppard) sized up until a black car came around the top and I thought there he goes,” said Hearn.

“He always seems to find that lane up top that no one else can run. We were struggling on the bottom a bit there with Matt. We were sizing him up and trying to get by him clean and next thing you know we are fighting for second again.”

Sheppard rolled the dice with a softer tire compound for the 40-lap race.  A gamble that didn’t pay off but still gave him the points lead with a 20-point cushion over Billy Decker heading into Saturday night’s finale.

“I went with a softer tire than the two that finished in front of me and it showed. We were good until halfway and then it fell off.”

Sheppard will take his 20-point lead over Decker and 46-point lead over Hearn into Saturday night’s A-Main.  The redraw will be crucial as the difference between Sheppard’s 3rd place finish and Decker’s 9th place finish brought forth a 27 point swing.  Race Chaser Online, Speed77 Radio and the Performance Motorsports Network will have the Bad Boy Buggies World Finals covered from top to bottom on Saturday night.  Follow them on Facebook and follow @RaceChaserNews on Twitter for Live Updates Saturday night from The Dirt Track.


Super DIRTcar Series Statistical Report; Bad Boy Buggies World Finals; The Dirt Track at Charlotte; Concord, N.C.; Nov. 7, 2014 (Combines events completed on Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014)

A-MAIN (40 laps): 1. Stewart Friesen ($8,000); 2. Brett Hearn; 3. Matt Shepard; 4.Duane Howard; 5.Tyler Dippel; 6. Matt Billings; 7. Jimmy Phelps; 8. Ryan Godown; 9. Billy Decker; 10. Erick Rudolph; 11. Danny Johnson; 12.Carey Terrance; 13.Peter Britten; 14. Justin Haers; 15. Kenny Tremont Jr. 16. Larry Wight; 17. Billy VanInwegen; 18. Mat Williamson; 19. Pat Ward; 20. Doug Manmiller; 21. Rick Laubach; 22.Keith Flach; 23. Brian Swartzlander; 24. Gary Tomkins; 25.Matt DeLorenzo; 26.Billy Pauch; 27. Tim McCreadie; 28. Tyler Siri.

QUALIFYING: 1 (1F) Stewart Friesen (15.708), 2 (20) Brett Hearn (15.775), 3 (91) Billy Decker (15.815), 4 (3) Justin Haers (15.877), 5 (4*) Tim McCreadie (15.966), 6 (42p) Pat Ward (16.017), 7 (8) Rich Scagliotta (16.042), 8 (27J) Danny Johnson (16.052), 9 (1) Billy Pauch (16.100), 10 (83) Brian Swartzlander (16.142), 11 (7) Rick Laubach (16.147), 12 (5H) Chris Hile (16.168), 13 (115) Kenny Tremont Jr. (16.169), 14 (66x) Carey Terrance (16.177), 15 (9H) Matt Sheppard (16.180), 16 (7z) Erick Rudolph (16.285), 17 (8R) Rob Bellinger (16.299), 18 (21a) Peter Britten (16.406), 19 (66) Duane Howard (16.437), 20 (673) Gary Tomkins (16.453), 21 (47) Bob Sarkisian (16.463), 22 (6) Mat Williamson (16.471), 23 (98h) Jimmy Phelps (16.484), 24 (07) Tim Kerr (16.515), 25 (74M) Matt Billings (16.521), 26 (5*) Tyler Siri (16.600), 27 (43) Keith Flach (16.602), 28 (97) Michel Chicoine (16.602), 29 (48T) Dave Rauscher (16.622), 30 (88) Joe August Jr. (16.646), 31 (323) Neal Williams (16.660), 32 (44) John McClelland (16.683), 33 (3d) Matt DeLorenzo (16.747), 34 (85) H.J. Bunting (16.816), 35 (14s) Doug Manmiller (16.854), 36 (T21) Roger Chrylser (16.873), 37 (1T) Tyler Dippel (17.041), 38 (21) Yan Bussiere (17.084), 39 (21k) Randy Chrysler (17.131), 40 (99L) Larry Wight (17.173), 41 (747) Ryan Godown (17.187), 42 (10v) Billy VanInwegen (17.201), 43 (7M) Michael Maresca (17.352), 44 (14g) Brian Gleason (17.416), 45 (10c) Tim Currier (17.540), 46 (63) Adam Roberts (17.707), 47 (37m) Jeremiah Shingledecker (17.756), 48 (27x) Daniel Johnson (17.862), 49 (14c) C.G. Morey (19.554).

HEAT 1 (Winner redraws for feature, top four transfer): 1. (98h) Jimmy Phelps, 2. (1T) Tyler Dippel, 3. (747) Ryan Godown, 4. (3d) Matt DeLorenzo, 5. (63) Adam Roberts, 6. (10v) Billy VanInwegen, 7. (14g) Brian Gleason, 8. (21k) Randy Chrysler, 9. (10c) Tim Currier, 9 (37m) Jeremiah Shingledecker.

HEAT 2 (Winner redraws for feature, top four transfer): 1. (1) Billy Pauch, 2. (74M) Matt Billings, 3. (66x) Carey Terrance, 4. (99L) Larry Wight, 5. (5*) Tyler Siri, 6. (85) H.J. Bunting, 7. (14c) C.G. Morey, 8. (27x) Daniel Johnson, 9. (21) Yan Bussiere, 10. (7M) Michael Maresca.

HEAT 3 (Winner redraws for feature, top four transfer): 1. (9H) Matt Sheppard, 2. (7z) Erick Rudolph, 3. (66) Duane Howard, 4. (21a) Peter Britten, 5. (14s) Doug Manmiller, 6. (673) Gary Tomkins, 7. (6) Mat Williamson, 8. (43) Keith Flach, 9. (48T) Dave Rauscher, 10. (07) Tim Kerr.

HEAT 4 (Winner redraws for feature, top four transfer): 1. (3) Justin Haers, 2. (1F) Stewart Friesen, 3. (27J) Danny Johnson, 4. (42p) Pat Ward, 5. (7) Rick Laubach, 6. (323) Neal Williams, 7. (8R) Rob Bellinger, 8. (97) Michel Chicoine, 9. (88) Joe August Jr., 10. (T21) Roger Chrylser.

HEAT 5 (Winner redraws for feature, top four transfer): 1. (20) Brett Hearn, 2. (91) Billy Decker, 3. (4*) Tim McCreadie, 4. (115) Kenny Tremont Jr., 5 (83) Brian Swartzlander, 6. (5H) Chris Hile, 7. (8) Rich Scagliotta, 8. (44) John McClelland, 9. (47) Bob Sarkisian.

LAST CHANCE SHOWDOWN #1 (10 laps): 1.Doug Manmiller; 2. Mat Williamson; 3. H.J. Bunting; 4. Keith Flach; 5. Brian Swartzlander; 6. Neal Williams; 7. Brian Gleason; 8. Dave Rauscher; 9. Tim Currier; 10. Michael Maresca; 11.Bob Sarkisian; 12. Michel Chicoine; 13. Roger Chrylser; 14. Adam Roberts; 15. Rich Scagliotta.

LAST CHANCE SHOWDOWN #2 (10 laps): 1. Billy VanInwegen; 2.Rick Laubach; 3. Tyler Siri; 4.Gary Tomkins; 5. Chris Hile; 6. Rob Bellinger; 7. Jeremiah Shingledecker; 8. Randy Chrysler; 9.John McClelland; 10. Tim Kerr; 11. Yan Bussiere; 12. Joe August Jr.; 13. C.G. Morey; 14. Daniel Johnson.

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