PST 360 SPRINTS: Patriot Sprint Tour Announces Tire Rules for 2015 Season

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ROCHESTER, NY — Official Release — Tom Stevens Photo —

With the 2015 season around the corner, the Patriot Sprint Tour is actively working in a multitude of areas to prepare for a busy year.

Part of the offseason work for the leadership of the PST was to renegotiate tire contracts.  After receiving a number of options, the series has decided to stay on a similar HTC Hoosier Tire package for the next three seasons with a slight adjustment from years past.  The tire rules are as follows:

Front Tires:  Hoosier D10, D12, D15, or D20.  Part No. 31131 or 31132 (A 2 race grace will be granted for any visiting teams, once a team competes 2 times with the PST they must have Hoosier fronts on from that point forward)

Left Rear Tires: RD12 in sizes of 90″, 92″, 94″ short, 94″ Std. or 96″

Part No. 31159, 31169, 31189, 31191, 31209 for any team competing for PST Championship Points and Point Fund.  Visiting teams will be able to run the H12 or H15 LR tires but will not be eligible for PST Point Fund Money. 

Right Rear Tires: HTC 105.0/18.0-15 Part No. 38230 with an optional tire RD20 or D25 105.0/18.0-15 Part No. 31303 for 2015.  (Another Optional tire is being considered for future use being the

105.0/16.0-15 size with the Med. compound.  This information will be reviewed and disseminated to all teams.)


“These choices are a great product for the types of surfaces the Patriot Sprint Tour compete at,” declared Patriot Sprint Tour President Mike Emhof.  “We have added some options to ease teams in certain areas we travel to in order to maintain the high level of competition.”

More announcements from the Patriot Sprint Tour will be announced in the coming weeks and months.  One item that has been of interest has been a possible change to the Spec Head Rules following the announcement of the American Sprint Car Series (ASCS) at PRI earlier this month.  The PST is currently reviewing this information and although many items have to be discussed, the series will have a final decision by January 15th.

The schedules for the 2015 season with the PST America and PST Canada Series are also nearing completion and will be announced next month.  For more information, visit

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