NORTHEAST: Town Of Starkey Sets Operating License For Outlaw

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Outlaw Speedway was granted an operating license by the town of Starkey for 2017, with the stipulation of all race events being completed by 1:00 a.m. (Outlaw Speedway photo)

DUNDEE, N.Y. — With nearly 20 people in attendance on a bone-chilling night in the quiet town of Dundee, New York, a decision was made on Outlaw Speedway’s 2017 operating license with the Town of Starkey.

After a period of discussion that lasted the better part of 25 minutes, the Town of Starkey Board agreed upon an operating license for the speedway, with terms of the agreement including that all racing activities are to come to a stop at 1:00 a.m. and that Outlaw Speedway self-police their running order, placing the loudest of the night’s racing divisions early in the program.

The track in question is Outlaw Speedway (formerly Black Rock Speedway, Yates County Speedway and Dundee Raceway Park), located at 82 Main Street in the Town of Starkey and on the border of the Village of Dundee.

Outlaw Speedway is located on the outskirts of a very dense residential neighborhood, whose residents raised concerns when several speedway events ran into the wee hours of the morning during the 2016 season, including one night past 3:00 a.m.

Village of Dundee officials discussed this matter at their January meeting, with Starkey Town Supervisor George Lawson and Outlaw owner and promoter Tyler Siri in attendance.  At that meeting, Lawson related that a discussion of the concerns would take place at the Starkey Town meeting for the month of February, which took place on Thursday night.

During the discussion, Town of Starkey officials discussed with Siri the terms of the previous operating agreement and asked what Siri felt would be fair and reasonable during the 2017 season. Siri spoke to the fact that the race track has roughly 20 dates to operate throughout the season between April and October, highlighting that the noise disturbance is limited to only those dates, with a majority being on Friday nights.

Included in those 20-plus dates are several special events, with additional divisions such as touring sprint car series, and for 2017, two of the major big block modified and 410 sprint car series in the entire country coming to the small town of Dundee.

Siri noted that the difficulty with the previous operating agreement was that the terms spelled out that no race could start after 11:00 p.m.  When Mother Nature played havoc on several of these special event nights, those shows did see the final divisions of the night start their main events after the specified time frame, even with the show moving along as efficiently as Siri felt his staff could.

“To put a time restraint on the track would put it out of business — guaranteed,” said Siri.  “We need to have an opportunity to run until one o’clock in the event that we are impacted by weather, or have an accident or situation that is unforeseen that prolongs the show.”

Starkey Town Supervisor Lawson spoke up in favor of the idea of a 1:00 a.m. hard stop, with the thought that Siri and staff will be reasonable about not running weekly until that hard stopping time. Town of Starkey Councilman Jack Ossont also raised concern about running that late, but agreed that the speedway needs to honor the agreement of only using the additional time when absolutely necessary. Councilman Alan Giles also spoke positively about the speedway’s operation, adding that this season was Siri’s first as owner of any track.

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