Northeast Spotlight: Mike Brightman Continues Pro Stock Success at Seekonk

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SEEKONK, Mass. — Story by Race Chaser Online New England and Modified Correspondent Kyle Souza — Seekonk Speedway photo —

It’s rare that one sees a bunch that is quite as exciting as the family and friends of Mike Brightman at Seekonk Speedway.

Every year, the track holds the annual “Fans on Parade,” where fans are asked to support their favorite driver by creating signs or posters and walking the Speedway during intermission for judging.  It’s been a long time since the last time the Brightman crowd did not win that event.

They always show up with the most creative posters and signs, it’s unreal. His family and friends are 100% supporters.

The story of Mike Brightman begins back in 2005. Brightman was in competition in Seekonk’s Late Model division, cutting through traffic and putting up some moves that fans today say they don’t forget.  That season, long-time track competitor Vinnie Annarummo picked up the Pro Stock crown by doing much of the same on the track.  Brightman found himself hoisting the Late Model championship that season, sitting beside Vinny at the headtable come the January banquet.

Brightman moved himself into the Pro Stock ranks in 2006, collecting Rookie of the Year Honors in his first season. From 2006 to 2008 Brightman struggled at points here and there, but in 2009 things seemed to pick up quickly.  He finished in the top five numerous times and was one of the favorites at the start of the feature every single week.

His progression continued to show from 2010-2013, coming close to the championship a few times and winning races along the way. His most memorable year, however, was the recently concluded 2014 season. Even though some of the finishes along the way did not show it, Brightman was a top five car every time he unloaded from the truck.

His season was capped off with a top five in the point standings, even though he missed the final regular season race of the season.  Brightman was battling illness that required him to step out of the car, allowing former track front-runner Dave Bergman to jump in for competition. During practice that day, Brightman said that it was killing him to see his car out on the track without him behind the wheel.

Even though the championship didn’t fall into his hands, Brightman’s season did not go without a big trophy.  He clinched the Phil’s Propane Triple Crown Series championship for the season after collecting the most tallied points in the three extra distance races.  Brightman was ecstatic after grabbing the crown and yes, his fan base was heard loud and clear.

Off the track, Mike brings a friendly attitude to everyone in the garage.  His crew works extremely hard, as do all at Seekonk, to provide him with the best car possible. Even on the hard days, they still find a way to get the car going to the front.

Brightman’s sponsors include Genuine’s Inspections and Impact Collision Parts, among others, who provide him with great equipment every week.

Mike will be gunning to come out of the box even stronger in 2015, not only challenging to defend his Triple Crown Title, but also to chase his first Pro Stock driver’s championship.

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  1. Thank you Kyle Souza for recognizing Mike Brightman and writing such a great article. Its nice to see him finally being recognized. He works hard on the car along with his pit crew during the week during the year and he deserves this and needed it. He is a great and talented driver and has alot of supportive family, fans and sponsors. We all are proud of him. Great job “Mighty Mike”. 🙂

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