NORTHEAST: Dirt Racing Couple Uses Dirt Modified For Unique Baby Gender Reveal

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ADDISON, N.Y. — Story by Race Chaser Online New York Dirt Correspondent Steven Ovens — Pavlick family photo —

Dirt track racing and baby gender reveal parties- ok, I don’t get the connection?

For one dirt track couple in New York, the two were married for one day, as they revealed the gender of their incoming twin babies with friends and family in quite the unique way.  They also raised the bar for all the hokey gender reveal ideas you may have seen on pinterest, i.e. a cake, popping a balloon, etc.

“We knew instantly that we didn’t want to do the traditional balloons in boxes or color-filled cake,” said Lisa Pavlick.  “After countless hours of searching the internet and pinterest for fun reveals, we found an instance where someone had used a dirt bike to reveal the gender of their child.”

That was where the couple so heavily involved in dirt track racing decided that using the race car was such an appropriate way for their family to find out the gender of the twins due later this summer.

“We ordered the blue and pink powder off of Amazon just to be safe,” chuckled Casey Pavlick- the two-time and defending track champion of the Crate Sportsman division at Outlaw Speedway.  “I attempted to funnel a couple packets into each side of the exhaust, but it started getting all over everything.”

Pavlick went on to say that anyone attempting to try this themselves need to remember that once water touches the powder, it will be clearly evident what color the powder is.

“We ended up stuffing black tissue paper into the end of the exhaust and over the end to conceal the color from those who tried to get a sneak peek.”

Of course the question came up to Lisa as to how many people knew before the reveal took place just a few weeks ago.

“The hardest part was keeping it a secret from everyone for three days,” she said.  “Prior to the party, there were three people who knew the gender of the twins including Casey and I.  In most cases, the gender reveal is a surprise to the parents as well, but we just HAD to know!  It was fun for us to know and be able to take in everyone else’s reaction.”

With everything in place, Casey fired up the engine of his No. 18p and both sides of the exhaust blew out pink powder- signifying the anticipated arrival of twin girls.  The reveal was a huge success and was a unique way to do so that fit the Pavlick family.

“Both of our families are avid supporters of Casey’s team and most of our friendships developed from spending countless hours in the shop and weekends at race tracks with people that eventually turned into family,” said Pavlick.

The bar has been set high fellow racers and race fans.  The barrier between baby gender reveals and auto racing has been knocked down in a pretty unique way in Addison, NY.

For the purposes of Social Media, Pinterest and Instagram, we’re going to call it #ThePavlick.


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