Fulton Speedway: Matt Janczuk Wins Outlaw 200 Weekend Industrial Tire Sportsman 50

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FULTON, NY – OCTOBER 5, 2013 (By Dave Medler) – It was a battle of the rookie and the veteran throughout most of the 50-lap $2,500-to-win Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50 Saturday at the Fulton Speedway. Racing veteran Matt Janczuk and rookie Mike Walton put on a show for the huge crowd on hand for the 28th Annual Sunoco-Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Saturday presented by SUNY Canton.

Janczuk had to use every bit of his experience in holding off Walton most of the race, losing the lead to Walton before taking the lead back for good on lap 40 in the 50 lap event. Impressive teenager Matt Pappa came on late from his 21st starting spot to finish second. Mike Walton came home third. Beth Schneider who is the 2013 Fulton Speedway SUNY Canton Sportsman Champion and Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout Series Champion finished fourth with Tyler Meeks finishing fifth.

After 67 cars went through heats, consolations and last chance races, the 31-car field was set and ready to roll and put on a show for the first time on Saturday of the Outlaw 200 Weekend.

Matt Janczuk and Jordan Bennett would bring the field down to starter Matt Burdick’s green flag with Janczuk grabbing the early advantage in the 50-lap feature.

With 10-laps complete, Janzcuk and Mike Walton ran nose to tail at the front of the pack with Beth Schneider trying to close in on the top two. Tyler Meeks, Jim Spano and Rocky Warner from his 12th starting spot all battled in a tight pack for fourth through sixth.

On lap-15 Janczuk was able to put some breathing room between himself and Walton as he cleared two back-markers before Walton. Behind Janczuk and Walton, Schneider and Meeks were in a hard battle for position with Warner a distant 5th.

At the halfway point, lap 25, with heavy traffic all over the speedway, Janczuk held a slim few car length lead as Walton stayed within striking distance. Schneider, Meeks and Warner still showed on the scoring tower.

A quick yellow on lap-27 would give the entire field a chance to catch their breath as the racing was hot and heavy throughout the field.

After another quick yellow on lap 34. Walton would hound Janczuk then was able to drive around Janczuk and into the lead on lap 35 in front of the crowd that was rooting for the rookie. With just 10 laps to go Janczuk would use his experience to get back by Walton on lap 40.

Another yellow on lap 42 was just what Janczuk needed. When the green came back out Janczuk was able to pull away for the win. Teenager Matt Pappa came on late from 21st to finish second. Mike Walton finished third with Beth Schneider fourth and Tyler Meeks fifth. Rocky Warner, Ron Davis III, Chris Hulsizer, James Michael Friesen and Brad Szvlewski completed the top-ten.

After parking his Kiehn Motorsports No. 2K in victory lane, Matt Janczuk talked about his $2,500 victory.

“That Mike Walton really has a handle on these things. He hasn’t got a lot of experience except for Go-Karts,” Walton has less than a dozen starts ever in an open wheel car. “I never had to race against anyone that hard. He had a really good car.”

“Our brakes started fading and I don’t know why. That’s when he (Walton) started making up ground on us. I just had to keep pumping them and pumping them. They started finally cooling off under those cautions.”

Janczuk then talked about when Walton got by him and what it took to get back into the lead and the win.

“I raced him quite a few laps. I was better on the bottom of one and two, but he was really good at getting me in three and four. I knew if I could get him clear off of two, which I did. He gave me a little tap on the back bumper to let me know he was still faster. I could take his line away in three and four and I think a little experience prevailed tonight.”

Janczuk finished up by thanking Kenny Kiehn and his wife Ruth for the car they put under him and his friend Kevin for the right rear tire he bought. Most of all he thanked his wife Meghan.

(INDUSTRIAL TIRE OF CNY SPORTSMAN SHOOTOUT 50) – MATT JANZCUK, Matt Pappa, Mike Walton, Beth Schneider, Tyler Meeks, Rocky Warner, Ron Davis III, Chris Hulsizer, James Friesen, Brad Szulewski, Chris Herbison, Mike Button, Rocco Leone, Alan Fink, Corey Barker, Kyle Fink, Kane Bristol, Brian Pessolano, Matt Emmons, Casey Pavlick, Rick Donovan, Ricky Yelle, Randy Gates, Fran Hilton, Jim Spano, Tony Finch II, Jack Meeks, Joe Kline, Jordan Bennett, Jeremy Pitcher.

(LAP LEADERS) – Matt Janczuk (1-30) Mike Walton (31) Matt Janczuk (32-34) Mike Walton (35-39) Matt Janczuk (40-50)

(Industrial Tire Of CNY Heat Bonuses) – (1st) $150 (2nd) $100 (3rd) – $50 – Per Heat Race.

(HEAT ONE) – MIKE WALTON, Fran Hilton, Jeremy Dygert, Randy Gates, Jamie Cortazar, Gregg Kimball, Wade Chrisman, Shannon Jones, Dave Emmons, Brandon Ford, Greg Martin,

(HEAT TWO) – MATT JANCZUK, Mike Button, James Friesen, Casey Pavlik, Gregg Carner, Brett Buono, Mike Mariska, George Dyer, Tom Juhl, Kurtis Hohensceldt, Rob Humphey,

(HEAT THREE) – ROCKY WARNER, Jeremy Pitcher, Brad Szvlewski, Bob Buono, Matt Pappa, Coery Barker, Taylor Lamb, Rocco Leone, Hilary Ward, Gary Sampo, Neal Provost.

(HEAT FOUR) – ALAN FINK, Joe Kline, Kane Bristol, Connor Cleveland, Brian Pessolano, Nick Krause, Rick McCready, Jim Spano, Ricky Yelle, Nick Rupert, Bill Clark.

(HEAT FIVE) – Chris Hulsizer, Beth Schneider, Kyle Fink, Rick Donovan, Bailey Groves, Earl Rudy, Brett Draper, Jack Meeks, Tim Murphy, Jordan Bennett, Greg Gould.

(HEAT SIX) – Tyler Meeks, Chris Herbison, Tony Finch II, James Carlson, Alex Stanton, Jason Occhino, Jamie Cortazar, Gary Hoppins, Ron Davis III, Colton Wilson, Rocky Grosso.

(CONSI ONE) – KANE BRISTOL, Ricky Yelle, Gregg Kimball, Brian Pessolano, Randy Gates, Nick Krause, Trevor Lindsey, Jack Meeks, Connor Cleveland, Bryan VanTassell, Jeremy Dygert, Wade Chrisman, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Neal Provost III, Brett Draper, Shannon Jones.

(CONSI TWO) – James Friesen, Jack Meeks, Casey Pavlick, Bailey Groves, Brett Buono, Gregg Carner, Earl Rudy, George Dyer, Martin Lessard, Tim Murphy, Gary Sampo, Gary Hoppins, Brandon Ford, Mike Mariska.

(CONSI THREE) – Matt Pappa, Corey Barker, Tony Finch II, Dave Emmons, Bob Buono, Rob Humphrey, Jason Occhino, Rocco Leone, Alex Stanton, James Carlson, Taylor Lamb, Jamie Cortazar, Rocco Leone, Hilary Ward, Tommy Juhl, Nick Rupert.


(QUALIFIER #1- 3 QUALIFY)- Tony Finch, Randy Gates, Casey Pavlick, Jason Occhino, Mike Mariska, Earl Rudy Gregg Carner, Ricky Quick, Tom Juhl, Bob Buono, Wade Chrisman, Jeremy Dygert, Neal Provost, Brett Draper, Lessard Martin, Bailey Groves, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Alex Stanton, Gary Sampo.

(QUALIFIER # 2 – 3 QUALIFY) – Rocco Leone, Matt Emmons, Brian Pessolano, Taylor Lamb, Brandon Ford, Colton Wilson, James Carlson, Bryan Van Tassell, Tim Murphy, Rocky Grosso, Hilary Ward, Greg Kimball, Nick Krause, George Dyer, Gary Hoppins, Rob Humphreys, Shannon Jones.

American Racer Tire Hard Luck Award – Free Tire – Jeremy Pitcher

Atomic Sign Works – $800 Body Wrap To One Of The 30 Starters – Casey Pavlick

Bicknell Racing Products – $250 To The Highest Finishing Bicknell Car – Matt Janczuk

Cash 4 Junkers Lap Four Leader Bonus – $100 – Matt Janczuk

Finish Line Web Design – $100 Gift Certificate To The Last Place Finisher – Jeremy Pitcher

Jones Motorsports First Lady Award – $100 To The Highest Finishing Female Racer – Beth Schneider

Power Seal 13th Place Finisher Bonus – $200 – Rocco Leone

Power Seal Hard Charger – $100 To The Driver That Improves The Most Positions – Matt Pappa

Ron Davis Young Gun Award – $100 To The Highest Finishing Driver Age 18 Or Younger – Matt Pappa

Thomas Video – DVD To The Hard Charger Of The Race – Matt Pappa

Thomas Video – DVD To The Race Winner – Matt Janczuk

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