Finally! Jimmy Phelps is an Outlaw 200 Champion

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October 6, 2013 – Story by Steven Ovens – Photo By David Medler / Fulton Speedway PR Director – Jimmy Phelps has been making the ride to the Fulton Speedway for as long as he can remember.  The track has been his home track forever.  He has numerous wins at the Fulton Speedway and several other tracks along the DIRTcar Modified circuit.  But one race in particular at Fulton has eluded Phelps, the Outlaw 200.  This is the premier event of the year at the 3/8-mile clay surface in central New York.

The race started out with ‘Super Matt’ Sheppard and ‘Lightning Larry’ Wight trading the lead back and forth for the first 45 laps.  Sheppard was strong, as was Wight, but Stewart Friesen forced his way to the top of the heap on Lap 46.  By the time Friesen had taken the lead, Jimmy Phelps had climbed from his 15th starting spot all the way into a podium running position.

Phelps was on rails at his home track and saw only Stewart Friesen ahead of him.  Friesen, a familiar foe to Phelps, as these two tangled in previous Outlaw 200 races.  They waged war from laps 46 to 64, with Phelps leading Lap 65 before Friesen regained the lead.  Phelps would take over the top spot on Lap 71 and essentially never looked back.  Friesen was scored as the leader on Lap 88 and Matt Sheppard was scored the leader on lap 160, but other than that it was all Jimmy Phelps.

Phelps didn’t walk away however- he had to survive a restart with 2 laps to go as the yellow flag came out on Lap 198.  On the restart, Sheppard did make a last lap pass coming to the White Flag, but Phelps was able to cross back over and retake the lead and fend off Sheppard to the Checkered Flag.  Friesen came home third with Dale Planck and Alan Johnson rounding out the Top 5.

Phelps finally conquered his Daytona 500, finally won his Super Bowl & finally displayed the Outlaw 200 cowboy hat atop his head.

“We have lost this thing in every possible way you could lose it, so it feels good to finally win it,” said a jubilant Phelps on the front stretch Victory Lane at Fulton.

“This means a ton to our family.  We’ve been coming here forever and been picking away at this race for a long time.”

While Jimmy Phelps celebrated, Matt Sheppard wondered what he could have adjusted differently to bag the Outlaw 200 payday.

“We took a big swing at this car during halftime, and we were about equal with Jimmy.  He couldn’t get out to a big lead, but I couldn’t catch him either.”

“We had a great car but we were off just a little bit, and that was the difference between first and second tonight.”

Being off just a little bit is something that race drivers often say.  But most of them don’t talk about being off just a little bit that cost them a $20,000 winner’s check.  A great run by the Jimmy Phelps 99J crew and a huge boost to their efforts as Super DIRT Week 42 kicks off!

Racing resumes Tuesday night at the Rolling Wheels Raceway to finish the rained out Labor Day event; Wednesday brings the return of the Weedsport Speedway and Race Chaser Online will have all of the pre and post race coverage of this historic return back to “The Port”.

(SUNOCO-FULTON ETHANOL FACILTY OUTLAW 200 PRESENTED BY SUNY CANTON) – JIMMY PHELPS, Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Dale Planck, Alan Johnson, Danny Johnson, Ryan Phelps, Peter Britten, Billy Decker, Vic Coffey, Ronnie Johnson, Craig Von Dohren, Pat Ward, Tom Sears Jr., Bobby Varin, Gary Tomkins, Pat O’Brien, Tim Sears Jr., Mark Kislowski, Roy Bresnahan, Ryan Watt, Darwin Greene, Robbie Bellinger, Shawn Donath, Larry Wight, Chuck Bower, Tom Kinsella, Mike Mahaney, Jim Davis, Bob Henry Jr., Joe August Jr., Chris Hile, Tim Fuller, Justin Wright, Shaun Walker, Mitch Gibbs, Elmo Reckner,Alan Barker, Dave Rauscher, Justin Haers, Brett Hearn, Steve Hulsizer, Tim McCreadie, Brett Tonkin, Katelyn Kane.

(LAP LEADERS) – Matt Sheppard (1-16) Larry Wight (17) Matt Sheppard (18-31) Larry Wight (32-45) Stewart Friesen (46-64) Jimmy Phelps (65) Stewart Friesen (66-70) Jimmy Phelps (71-87) Stewart Friesen (88) Jimmy Phelps (89-200)


(HEAT # 1) – Ronnie Johnson, Pete Britten, Alan Barker, Bob Henry Jr., Elmo Reckner, Shaun Walker, Billy Clark, Casey Pavlick, Rich Townsend.

(HEAT #2) – Larry Wight, Stewart Frisesen, Pat Ward, Danny Johnson, Mitch Gibbs, Joe August Jr., Dan Vauter, Jason Rood.

(HEAT # 3) – Tim McCreadie, Tim Fuller, Justin Haers, Ryan Watt, Shawn Donath, Matt Hulsizer, Justin Wright, Jim LaRock, Brad Alger.

(HEAT # 4) – Pat O’Brien, Ryan Phelps, Dale Planck, Brett Hearn, Gary Tomkins, Jim Davis, Dave Rauscher, Mark Kislowski, Craig Hanson.

(HEAT # 5) – Matt Sheppard, Bobby Varin, Alan Johnson, Billy Decker, Roy Bresnahan, Matt Janczuk, Mike Bowman, Vic Coffey, Roy Shields.

(HEAT # 6) – Tommy Kinsella, Chuck Bower, Tim Sears Jr., Chris Hile, Adam Roberts, Rusty Smith, Sam Allen, Jim Mahaney, Shane Donath.

(HEAT # 7) – Tom Sears Jr., Jimmy Phelps, Mike Mahaney, Chad Phelps, Jeff Crambo, Katelyn Kane, Chad O’Hara, Craig Von Dorhen, Doug Manmiller.

(HEAT # 8) – Robbie Bellinger, Steve Hulsizer, Brertt Tonkin, Carey Terrance, Darwin Greene, Tye-Scott Rood, Chris Herbison, Tim Schneider Jr., Steve Cummings.


(CONSI #1) – Billy Decker, Bob Henry Jr., Elmo Reckner, Roy Bresnahan, Shaun Walker, Shane Donath, Craig Hanson, Billy Clark, Casey Pavlick, Matt Janczuk, Jim Mahaney, Mike Bowman.

(CONSI # 2) – Danny Johnson, Craig Von Dorhen, Chris Hile, Mitch Gibbs, Joe August Jr., Adam Roberts, Sam Allen, Tim Schneider Jr., Jim LaRock, Dan Vauter, Rusty Smith, Roy Shields.

(CONSI # 3) – Ryan Watt, Shawn Donath, Mark Kislowski, Katelyn Kane Justin Wright, Matt Hulsizer, Chad Phelps, Jeff Crambo, Rich Townsend, Steve Cummings, Chad O’Hara.

(CONSI #4) – Brett Hearn, Dave Rauscher, Jim Davis, Gary Tomkins, Darwin Greene, Carey Terrance, Tye-Scott Rood, Brad Alger.


Halfway Leader Awards – Bicknell Racing Products – $1,000 – Pilat Graphic Design – $800 – Lettering Package – Matt Sheppard

American Racer Tire Hard Luck Award – Free Tire –

Bicknell Racing Products – $500 To The Highest Finishing Bicknell Car – Matt Sheppard

Finish Line Web Design – $250 Gift Certificate For Last Place Finisher – Katelyn Kane

Power Seal 13th Place Finisher Bonus $200 – Pat Ward

Sunoco Race Fuels – Drum Of Race Fuel For Hard Charger – Danny Johnson

Thomas Video – DVD To The Hard Charger Of The Race – Danny Johnson

Thomas Video – DVD To The Race Winner – Jimmy Phelps

Utica-Rome Speedway – $500 To The First Track Regular/$1,000 If A Track Regular Wins – Matt Sheppard

Wolf Designs – Replica Model Car For The Race Winner – Jimmy Phelps

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