BREAKING NEWS: Tony Stewart Involved in Fatal Sprint Car Incident; Investigation Ongoing

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CANANDAIGUA, NY — Story By RaceChaser Online Senior Editor Tom Baker — Getty Images Photo —

RaceChaser Online has confirmed that NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Tony Stewart was racing a 360 Sprint Car at an Empire Super Sprints race at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Canandaigua, New York on Saturday night when he was involved in an accident in which his car struck 20-year-old racer Kevin Ward, Jr., who had climbed out of his car after an incident involving the two of them led to Ward hitting the outside wall.

The initial contact between the two cars flattened Ward’s right rear tire.  He spun to a stop in turn two on the outside of the track.

When the yellow flag came out and the cars slowed, Ward got out of his car and walked down the track, gesturing angrily with his arms at Stewart as he rode by.

Stewart then hit the throttle, causing his car to jump sideways.  His right rear tire hit Ward and sent him across the track.

The race was red flagged as officials rushed to Ward’s aid.

RaceChaser’s New York correspondent, Steven Ovens, said that the remainder of the race program was halted and that, “A medical helicopter was initially dispatched and later cancelled. Kevin Ward was then taken to F.F. Thompson Hospital.”

Ontario County Sheriff’s spokesperson Phil Povero spoke at about 3am Sunday just prior to this article being written and confirmed that Ward was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.   He also said that Stewart was cooperative and is now back in Watkins Glen.  No charges are pending at this time but the investigation is continuing.

Sources close to Stewart said that he was still planning on racing on Sunday.

The track declined to release a statement until sometime on Sunday.

All of us at RaceChaser Online and Speed 77 Radio are praying for Kevin Ward, Jr., his family and everyone involved.

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  1. Tony Stewart needs to be permanently banned from all auto racing. Road rage on the race track is NOT proper sportsmanship, and, indeed, we are talking about a sport.

    1. Post


      Thank you for your comment. We’re curious how you can be totally sure this is “road rage”? We are surely not convinced of that and we have chosen to err on the side of caution here because the only two people who will ever really know what happened are Tony Stewart and God and we feel it’s more productive to the memory of Kevin Ward to avoid pointing fingers than to attempt to discern intent with no real hard evidence to prove it.

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