AUDIO/RECAP: Jedrzejek Passes Lichty in Traffic; Wins Second ISMA Supernationals In Four Years at Oswego

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OSWEGO, N.Y. — Story by Race Chaser Online Senior Editor Tom Baker — Audio by Associate Editor Kyle Magda — Jim Feeney/ISMA photo —

When most Oswego Speedway fans think about an ISMA Supermodified Series show at the fast five-eighths-mile, they conjure up images of Dave Shullick, Jr and Mike Lichty — two second generation racers who are currently first and second, respectively, in ISMA points — dueling to try and set a new track record in qualifying and battling for the win in the race.

However, at the end of Saturday night’s ISMA SuperNationals 60 at the Steel Palace, it was another veteran name who landed atop the podium.

Tim Jedrzejek charged past Lichty in traffic with three laps to go, going on to take his third career SuperNationals win, and second in four years, in thrilling fashion. The win was the fourth of Jedrzejek’s ISMA career.

“What a race. I don’t know how long it took us to go from sixth to the lead, maybe 20 laps,” Jedrzejek said of his race. “But I knew Mikey was coming up through as fast as I did and I knew he was there. We ran some more laps and I said, ‘OK, he’s not too close to my bumper.’ I got down there in lapped traffic and the slow cars slid up a little bit and there there goes Mikey. I said, ‘Damn, now I’m running for second.’ And then I just started to stay with him. He’d get me by two-three car lengths and just started maintaining that. I knew we were still in the game.

“I said, ‘There’s 30 laps or so to go.’ The cautions came out and then the reds came out. That always changes the race a little bit,” Jedrzejek added. “Mikey and I were so evenly matched. He might have been a tick faster on some laps and I might have been a tick faster on other laps. I was able to get a couple good runs on him on restart, coming off four and shutting underneath him and I’d get almost up to him but he drove in so deep into one, which Mikey always does here. His car just does that here and he’s able to hold it in there. It just wasn’t enough to make me feel he knew I was there. He never saw me and that’s why I got out of there. I did have a couple of those good runs and at that point I thought maybe we can get another shot at him. The lap traffic was what made it happen.”

Allison Cumens and Dan Bowes made up the front rowfor the main event, with Cumens — a previous winner at Oswego in a TQ-Midget — seeking her first Oswego victory in an ISMA Supermodified.

Bowes got the jump and took the lead at the drop of the green flag. Cumens, Sammit, Jedrzezek and Ryan Coniam dropped in behind him as the No. 95 of Shullick picked off cars rapidly from his 25th starting spot. Shullick fought a stuck throttle in qualifying, damaging the wing on his No. 95 and requiring a replacement prior to his heat race that sent him to the tail of the feature grid.

Chris Perley shot underneath and by Coniam to take fifth on lap five, and Mike Lichty went around Coniam on lap seven as the No. 46 of Coniam appeared to be slowing just a bit.

Jedrzejek was running strong inthe Howie Lane-owned No. 97, and by lap 10 had moved to second place. He quickly went to the top and made the pass for the lead on lap 12 as the leaders entered slower traffic.

With positions changing rapidly, Timmy J, Bowes, Lichty, Cumens and Summit filled the top five until lap 15. when the first yellow of the race waved for the Lichty Racing No. 74 of Rob Summers — whose motor went up in a ball of flames.

The incident drew the red flag to clean up the oil from the Summers motor. While under red, Coniam vacated his No. 46 while parked in turn one, the motor in his car going south as well. Perley spun in the Summers oil, but was put back in his position because officials determined that he spun due to track conditions.

Shullick had already winged his way through the field, storming from 25th to 11th in the first 15 laps.

Jedrzejek, who won the SuperNationals in 2012 driving the Soule Racing No. 32, led the field back to the green flag with 15 laps in the books. Bowes, Lichty, Cumens and Sammut rounded out the top five.

Lichty wasted little time in powering around Bowes for second, and Perley was on the charge as well, running fourth by lap 18.

Just five laps later, Lichty used a slower car to get underneath and by the 97 of Jedrzejek and take the lead. While he was doing that, Shullick continued his mad rush to the front, up to third on lap 26.

Lichty, Jedrzejek, Shullick, Bowes and Cumens were the top five on lap 30 and Shullick was the fastest car on the track.

Cumens’ strong run came to a disappointing end right at that point, when her motor let go and she spun in turn one, exiting the car quickly as hot fluids were spraying on her.

The second red flag of the night was a break for Shullick, allowing him to close right in on Lichty and Jedjrezek for the restart at exactly the halfway point of the event.

When the green flag finally resumed, Jedrzejek tried to surprise Lichty with a strong inside move into turn one but Lichty had none of it. The top three sped off from the rest of the field, and at lap 35 were each a few car lengths in front of the other when Jeff Locke’s No. 37 shot hard into the third turn foam blocks.

Attrition took a heavy toll on the race, as only 12 cars were left running by lap 40. Lichty maintained a five car length advantage over Jedrzejek, with Shullick falling behind in third. Trent Stephens had quietly moved to fourth and Bowes was back in fifth, having gotten back by Perley.

Lichty was momentarily held up in traffic by the slower car of Ben Seitz, but managed to squeeze by him going into turn three.  Jedrzejek, however, refused to give up and caught Lichty again in traffic. The pair brushed wheels passing the lapped car of Danny Shirey with three to go before Jedrzejek drove away with the lead for good.

At the checkers it was Timmy J out in front, winning his second ISMA Supernationals race in four years and putting veteran car owner and former driver Howie Lane in victory lane at Oswego.

Lichty finished second at the final flag, but the four-time ISMA winner at Oswego was highly frustrated with the No. 49, who he felt cost him the victory.

“I got up along side of [Danny Shirey] in one and showed him a wheel; he didn’t give me any room and he drove me into the fence. And, I lost a race,” Lichty scoffed. “Hats off to Timmy. I have a lot of respect for him as a driver. DJ had a great run too, coming from the back of the pack, but I thought it was our race.

Shullick, Stephens and Perley were the balance of the top five.

Bowes, Witkum, Sammut, McKnight and Shirey rounded out the top ten.

Otto Sitterly, who was driving the car nicknamed ‘Fire’ out of the Shullick stable, had to give up his top wing to his teammate’s ‘Ice’ machine after the qualifying wreck that put the points leader behind the 8-ball. That would leave Sitterly unable to start the main event, due to the agreement that sees Shullick piloting a team car to Sitterly’s Nicotra Racing No. 7 in Sunday’s non-winged International Classic.


RESULTS: ISMA Supermodified Series; Bud Light SuperNationals; Oswego Speedway; September 5, 2015

Bud Light Supernationals A-Main (60-laps): 1. #97 – Timmy Jedrzejek, 2. #84 – Mike Lichty, 3. #95 – Dave Shullick Jr, 4. #19 – Trent Stephens, 5. #11 – Chris Perley, 6. #25 – Dan Bowes, 7. #21 – Ed Witkum Jr, 8. #78 – Mark Sammut, 9. #70 – Dave McKnight, 10. #49 – Danny Shirey, 11. #17 – Ben Seitz, 12. #72 – Eric Shirey, 13. #37 – Jeff Locke, 14. #96 – Lou LeVea Sr., 15. #39 – Allison Cumens, 16. #65 – Tim Ice, 17. #27 – Jamie Timmons, 18. #18 – Howard Page, 19. #5 – Brian Sobus, 20. #46 – Ryan Coniam, 21. #74 – Rob Summers, 22. #07 – Kevin Jaycox Jr., 23. #1 – Kyle Edwards.

Audio with race winner Tim Jedrzejek:

Audio with runner-up Mike Lichty:

Audio with third place Dave Shullick Jr.:

ATQMRA Feature Finish: 1. Joey Bailey, 2. Jon Gambuti, 3. Geoffy Suton, 4. Buddy Sload, 5. Jeff Kot, 6. Ryan Tidman, 7. Matt Janisch, 8. Chad Parks, 9. Matt Roselli, 10. Mark Yoder, 11. Patrick Force, 12. Michael Glaser, 13. Greg Richardson, 14. Bill Case.

Audio with race winner Joey Bailey:

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