AUDIO/FEATURE: Hendershot Courageously Battles Cancer Off-Track and Sportsman Division On-Track

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CANANDAIGUA, NY — Story and Audio by Race Chaser Online New York correspondent Steven Ovens — Tara Hendershot photo — Last season we had the opportunity to meet Ray Hendershot at Canandaigua Motorsports Park while writing a piece about comeback stories of 2013 at CMP.

Ray told us his courageous story of battling cancer and how his cancer brought him back to racing a sportsman modified at the Ontario County speedplant.

What we learned just before the article came out was game changing for Hendershot.  He learned days before the article ran that his cancer had returned and had returned in multiple locations.  Ray informed his friends and race fans on Facebook of his new battle against this cancer beast.

Over the Fall and Winter months Ray posted updates and photos from his bedside at the Roswell Cancer Treatment Center in Buffalo, NY.  Hendershot was never a man to candy-coat his situation and is more forthcoming on talking about this disease and how it has affected him.

I think it’s safe to say not everyone would allow us to come along their journey as they battle cancer and fight for their life.  But Ray is not everyone. He strives from the support and encouragement he receives from his fellow racers, race fans and friends who follow him on the social media site.

The first set of treatments did not appear to make a difference in Buffalo, with the treatments coming to a stop after 4 out of the 6 scheduled treatments.  Ray’s journey then took him a little closer to home — Rochester, NY and their Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong Memorial Hospital.  The treatments received here have appeared to make progress as reports have shown some shrinking of the tumors ailing Hendershot.

Even though every day is a battle against the cancer, there was no hesitation from Ray or from his doctor’s on whether he should return to the race car in 2014 or sit out the 2014 season.  In fact, Ray says his doctor’s have encouraged him to race due to the motivation and drive that the race car has given him while facing the battle against the cancer.

Ray spoke about his cancer treatment, his 2013 season and what he looks forward to in 2014.  Thank you Ray for your valuable time, your courageous story and your inspiration to anyone who faces struggle in their life.


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