AUDIO/FEATURE: Black Rock Speedway Holds Successful Meet And Greet/Division Rules Meetings

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DUNDEE, N.Y. — Story and audio by Race Chaser Online New York Dirt Correspondent Steven Ovens —

Step one in the new era at the Black Rock Speedway took place on Sunday morning at the Dundee VFW.

The first opportunity for staff and competitors alike to meet first year promoters Mike Jackson and Sue Foster saw great crowds attend the staff meeting as well as rules meetings for each division at the speedway.

“We both come from racing backgrounds and we are 100% committed to operating the facility as a Friday night weekly speedway,” said Jackson in his opening words for future staff members.

“We have plans to really dig in and clean the facility up,” Jackson added. “We want race fans to walk into Black Rock Speedway and say ‘wow!’ Whether it’s the concessions, bathrooms, VIP boxes or grass growing in the infield in front of a newly constructed victory lane — the fans and competitors are going to have a place to come to and be proud to support each and every week.”

Jackson informed staff members during their 9 a.m. meeting that currently, there are 22 shows on the schedule, but that number could increase to as many as 30 before the final schedule is released. This news was received with positive feedback from the drivers during their meetings. A return to weekly racing is something that both the racers and promoters look forward to as they try to restore the consistency of Friday night racing in Dundee versus the partial schedule that has been present the past few seasons.

The sentiments were not only well received from the staff but from racers as well.

After the day’s meetings had taken place, the reaction from the racers appeared positive and hopeful for an exciting 2015 season.  A great crowd filed in for the Street Stock division rules meeting as there is a pretty heated debate on whether the speedway will allow bert/falcon transmissions in to compete with the cars touting standard transmissions.

No rules are set in stone following Sunday’s meetings but Jackson hopes to have the rulebook published soon after having the opportunity to get everyone’s input on deletions, additions, etc.

Here are some other notes taken from the Staff Meeting/Rules Meetings:

  • April 10 will be the scheduled practice night.
  • April 17 will be an off night in support of the Canandaigua Jan Corcoran Memorial Weekend at CMP as well as the Grit Racing Series Cabin Fever 64 event.
  • April 24 will be the first full-points show to kick off the 2015 season.
  • Greg Hixson will be Race Director.
  • Scott Hixson will return to his perch on the flagstand in 2015.
  • There will be a handicapping system in place, there will not be a draw/redraw system to line up A-Main’s.
  • There will no longer be points awarded for qualifying heat races.
  • At this time, the Sportsman and Modified teams will utilize the electronic scoring loop located at the Start/Finish Line.  Speedway officials are actively pursuing the equipment necessary to equip the tower for this system.
  • The track infield will be spruced up, with sponsor billboards returning as well as a concerted effort to regrow grass in the infield which will host a dedicated victory lane. Victory Lane ceremonies will be carried out one at a time after that feature concludes and the winner clears the scales.
  • It is not likely that outside events such as demo derbies and motorhome demo derbies will be part of the future of the speedway. There is one scheduled in 2015 that will be promoted by the owner of the speedway.  Jackson stressed being open and operated as a weekly Friday night race track.
  • Jackson stated there is a one-year lease for the facility in place and they hope to have the 2016 agreement in place well before the end of this season.  There is also a three to five year plan in mind for the long-term future of Black Rock Speedway.

Listen in as our Steven Ovens caught up with Black Rock Speedway Race Director Greg Hixson.


Division Notes:


  • American Racer tires, no specific tire compound rule in place at this time- stay tuned to rulebook when published
  • Small Block Modifieds 358’s/370’s will get a break on weight- that is yet to be finalized but a great discussion took place Sunday on what direction to go in
  • Sail panels optional for both engine configurations

GM Crate Sportsman:

  • Preliminary purse details- $500 to win weekly with $75 to take the green flag
  • Seal bolts and who/where to seal engines was discussed.  Seal bolts and tech will be carried out weekly
  • A car that wins consistently will be subject to having engine pulled for dyno testing.  These will explained in further detail in the official rulebook

Street Stocks:

  • Biggest hot button issue is the transmission debate- more information will be coming out soon with rulebook announcements.  Any driver wishing to present their case one way or the other is encouraged to contact Mike Jackson directly.
  • Purse details- $500 to win, $50 to take the green

4-Cylinders and Front Wheel Drives:

  • Black Rock Bandits will return as a division for youth drivers age 12-16
  • Headers will be allowed in 2015 to help align with area race tracks running 4-Cylinder Stock division
  • Rear wheel drive and Front wheel drives will race together but be paid separately and accrue points separately
  • If one division pulls 15 cars or more, the Rear Wheel and Front Wheel drive 4-Cylinders will be split and run as separate divisions

Listen in as our Steven Ovens also spoke with 2015 BRS 4-Cylinder competitors Rich Sharpsteen and Jeremy Trank:


More details, announcements as well as a tentative schedule looks to be coming soon and will be available right here on Race Chaser Online as soon as it is released from promoters Mike Jackson and Sue Foster.

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