AUDIO: Vitale Moving To Sprint Cars; Feels Small Block Racing Needs Another Look

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Vince Vitale will exit Big Block Modifieds and tackle 360 Sprint Cars in 2017. Vitale sites cost for his move. (Pilat Graphic Design photo).

HORSEHEADS, NY — Racing is an incredibly expensive hobby or career when you get to the upper echelons of the sport.  Vince Vitale has been around the sport for a long time and has seen the pricing get out of control to field a competitive team.

2017 will see Vitale take on a new racing journey as he will venture into 360 Sprint Cars with a renewed sense of purpose.  Long gone are the days of chasing points and putting pressure on his race team to win races to prove they belong.

A switch from Big Block Modifieds to Sprint Cars also refocuses Vitale to go back to the days when racing was fun for his family and his team.  Vitale will travel to shows within a reasonable distance of the Central New York shop and essentially pick their own schedule.

But with the switch to the 360’s, Vitale also looks back on what could be in the dirt modified world.  Vitale sees Small Block Modifieds as a needed step in the progression of Crate Sportsman Modified drivers to eventually become Big Block Modified stars.

With Big Blocks looking at $50,000 just to be in the ballpark for an engine, could the W-16 engine and spec Small Blocks be what helps transition drivers and save dirt modified racing as a whole?  Vitale was asked about this concept and his reasons for the switch to sprint cars recently on Turn 5 Live on the Performance Motorsports Network.


Listen in as Steven Ovens interviews Vince Vitale


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