USAC Midwest: Large Purse and Pavement Title Await Drivers in Saturday’s Columbus “Fall Nationals”

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INDIANAPOLIS — official release — Saturday’s USAC HPD Midwest Midget series finale at Columbus (Ohio) Motor Speedway not only will carry the season’s largest purse but also will signify the crowning of USAC’s second 2014 driving championship.

The race is the inaugural “Fall Nationals.”

Austin Nemire of Toledo, Ohio, already crowned the Midwest HPD Dirt Champion after that series has concluded, will try to lock up the pavement title at Columbus and is eyeing the $1,000 winner’s share (contingent on car count). Competitors will also find an inflated $200 last-place payout Saturday, the result of a collaboration of numerous interested sponsors.

Columbus will signify several milestones in the USAC Developmental structure. The Honda .25 Midget series completes its pavement campaign for the “Gen Next” series on the smaller oval and the HPD Midgets share billing on the big one-third mile track. HPD Midgets will share the night with the Crazy Compacts and Legends on the NASCAR Sanctioned oval located at 1845 Williams Road.

“Putting the 2 Developmental Series together for one event makes sense for all of our racers, their teams and their families,” said Kevin Miller. “We are trying to create a place for our .25 drivers to move to, in their racing career, when they outgrow their sport, but also a place for other drivers who don’t want to move out of this Midget competition, just yet.  We can do that by working together to bring races to venues.

“It’s an exciting way to end the HPD and .25 pavement season,” said Miller.  “I hope all HPD Series drivers will consider making the haul to Columbus this weekend and all .25 families can see what might lie ahead for their driver.”

The youngest drivers enjoyed celebrating in Victory Lane with Austin Prock at Kalamazoo, in August.

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