FAST Sprints: Jacobs and Ryan Take Opening Night F.A.S.T. Sprint Car Wins at Attica

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ATTICA, Ohio — official series release by Tyler Altmeyer —

The 2015 Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (F.A.S.T.) championship schedule is officially underway; launching a brand new season of competitive 410 and 305 sprint car racing in northwestern Ohio.

The new year ignited with F.A.S.T. 305 and 410 competition at the Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio and saw Dean Jacobs go wire-to-wire at Attica Raceway Park during night No. 1 of the 2015 F.A.S.T. 410 championship.

Jacobs lead all 30-laps of the main event to capture his eleventh career Attica win, holding off defending F.A.S.T. champion Byron Reed at the finish. Former UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions ‘champ’ Chad Kemenah finished third; followed by twelfth starting Cap Henry and D.J. Foos. Tim Shaffer was the hard charger; advancing ten positions from seventeenth to seventh.

28 Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. 410 Championship Series presented by KS Sales & Service sprint cars signed in for competition at ARP. Stuart Brubaker, Rob Chaney, Byron Reed, and Dean Jacobs all earned heat race victories. The ‘Steel City Outlaw’, Tim Shaffer, grabbed the evening’s B-main win.

Jordan Ryan earned his seventh career Attica 305 sprint car victory by winning the opening night companion feature for the 2015 F.A.S.T. 305 championship.

Sixth starting Bobby Clark would go on to finish second in the 305 main; Jamie Miller, Alvin Roepke, and Steve Rando rounded out the top-five. Roepke earned the hard-charger award after advancing from tenth to fourth.

25 JLH General Contractors F.A.S.T. 305 Championship Series presented by Engine Pro sprint cars made their way to Attica, Ohio for the Fremont/Attica Sprint Title opener. Paul Weaver, Ricky Peterson, and Dan McCarron each earned respective heat race victories. Mike Burkin took home the evening’s 305 B-main victory.

The Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Championship Series will be back in action tomorrow evening, April 18tht the Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio. The program will be Night No. 2 of the 2015 F.A.S.T. schedule.

For more information, log on to the official online home of the Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Series at

RESULTS: F.A.S.T. Championship; Attica Raceway Park; Attica, Ohio; April 18, 2015

410 A-Main (30 Laps): 1. 97-Dean Jacobs[1] ; 2. 5R-Byron Reed[3] ; 3. 10H-Chad Kemenah[4] ; 4. 53-Cap Henry[12] ; 5. 21-DJ Foos[6] ; 6. 16-Stuart Brubaker[2] ; 7. 45-Tim Shaffer[17] ; 8. 09-Craig Mintz[10] ; 9. 40-Caleb Helms[16] ; 10. 19-Chris Andrews[5] ; 11. 9x-Rob Chaney[7] ; 12. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[8] ; 13. 40DD-Nate Dussell[14] ; 14. 45L-Brian Lay[11] ; 15. 1st-Gary Taylor[19] ; 16. 25M-Ken Mackey[13] ; 17. 83M-Broc Martin[18] ; 18. 9-Jimmy Colvin[20] ; 19. 9H-Jac Haudenschild[15] ; 20. 15H-Mitch Harble[9].

305 A-Main (25 Laps): 1. 5R-Jordan Ryan[2] ; 2. 8-Bobby Clark[6] ; 3. 39-Jamie Miller[5] ; 4. 99-Alvin Roepke[10] ; 5. 19R-Steve Rando[3] ; 6. 12-Kyle Capodice[12] ; 7. 77I-John Ivy[1] ; 8. 2-Ricky Peterson[7] ; 9. 1W-Paul Weaver[4] ; 10. 22M-Dan McCarron[11] ; 11. 36-Seth Schneider[8] ; 12. 11G-Luke Griffith[13] ; 13. 3J-Trey Jacobs[18] ; 14. 7M-Brandon Moore[15] ; 15. 25-Jason Keckler[14] ; 16. 48-Mike Burkin[16] ; 17. 4*-Tyler Street[17] ; 18. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[20] ; 19. 18-Frank Neill[19] ; 20. 13-Jeremy Duposki[9].

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