Tom Time Blog: Consipiracies and Bringing Back The 3

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Blog By RaceChaser Senior Editor Tom Baker – Photo Credit: Jamie Squire/Getty Images –

The announcement last month that Richard Childress was indeed bringing the No. 3 back to the ‘Cup Series polarized the NASCAR fanscape even though everyone pretty much knew it was coming.

Then it set fast time in Daytona 500 qualifying on Sunday and caused a catastrophic raging hot social media dumpster fire that left thousands of IQ’s severely burned.

“It was rigged!”, cried the outraged conspiracy theorists.  “More WWE from NASCAR!”, said many of those who watch WWE  every week.

Silly rabbits.  Tricks are for kids!

Do any of you who are crying “fix” have any idea what it would take to guarantee the outcome we had yesterday?

Not only would NASCAR have had to figure a way to ensure that the Austin Dillon’s car was just hundredths of a second better than every other car (including the other cars with Childress motors, of which 7 qualified in the top dozen), but they would have to have controlled the weather, every other driver/team and Austin’s driving skills as well.

“But, Danica was pole last year.  You telling me that was legit?” the experts ask.

Yes.  Yes it was.

Last year 3 of the fastest 5 cars were Hendrick Motorsports cars.  She just happened to hit the best lap of them all.  Props to her for doing so.  She backed it up in the race as well, finishing top ten.

I’m already hearing and seeing some say that if Dillon wins on Sunday you’ll know it was rigged.  Wow.  NASCAR must be amazing.  They can control the outcome of a 500 mile pack race with 43 cars running inches from each other trying not to wreck every lap for 3 hours!

Maybe you think NASCAR throws yellows if they want to in order to close the field up for a big finish.  That’s totally within their control simply by pushing a button and saying “caution”.  NASCAR can make rules if they want to about “racing at 100 percent” or whatever.  You can agree or disagree with those things as they happen.  We still have that right.

Those things wouldn’t depend on outside forces.  Only a decision.

But the amount of events and cooperation that would have to have gone into making sure Austin Dillon put his hero’s number at the top of the charts on Sunday by hundredths of a second is just too vast.  The fact that his two teammates missed by a whisker and that he was that fast from the time he went down to test proves that the lunatic fringe is full of southern fried baloney.

If you don’t like NASCAR that’s fine.  Everyone has their own cup of tea.  I was raised on short-track racing but if it gets a green and a checkered I’m all about it.  That’s just me.

Some of you are too smart to be carrying on like froot loops.

As for bringing back the No. 3…

It seems to me that putting the number aside for a while to let everyone have time to grieve and find strength to go forward was the right thing to do.  But time marches on and Austin Dillon has always used the number in everything he did in sports and racing as a tribute to Dale and his “Pop Pop” so for what it’s worth I see nothing wrong with it returning.

I can’t imagine anyone calling themselves a “fan” who would hate on this 23-year-old rising star for wanting to carry on this family tradition, interrupted only by tragedy.

Reviving the number is also introducing a whole new generation of fans to Dale’s legacy, so how can that not be a good thing?

All these food references are making me hungry.  Y’all have fun with your mad science.  I’m gonna go pour myself a bowl of cheerios and grab that silver spoon.

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